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YuYu – Warmth and Well-being From Within…

Affection, Kindness and comfort, are just three words we associate with warmth. The YuYu Bottle is an unique gift and there is no better gift than warmth. The YuYu Bottle is a truly thoughtful and compassionate gift.

The therapeutic and healing properties of warmth are centuries old, yet the ways they are delivered haven’t changed much since. The YuYu Bottle has inspired a new way of thinking. It isn’t a hot water bottle, it is a The YuYu Bottle.

The differences are clear to see and feel. The YuYu Bottle is 81cm long and can wrap around you, giving much better coverage, heating you on both sides, lashing warmth around and into your body.  The bottle has small bobbles moulded onto it, these innovative bumps  allow the heat to stay for longer. These also have massaging effects. With the YuYu’s unique shape it can target any area you wish, it can be tied around your body or neck to allow a handsfree warmth.

Whilst being warm is synonymous to the winter months, the YuYu Bottle is a treasure that you’ll want by your side, all year round. The YuYu Bottle is a Sensei master of therapeutic relief. Pain doesn’t choose seasons and for many it is a unfortunate daily occurrence, that they must put up with. Whilst pain cannot be switched off, the YuYu helps relieve and reduce pain. From muscle aches and strains,  to helping comfort those with chronic conditions such as Back Pain, Arthritis and Endometriosis. The power of heat is well known to reduce pain and the with the YuYu’s unique shape, it can effectively target pain to the spot.

YuYu bottle will stay warm for up to 6 hours and is made from the highest quality and ethically sourced materials. From cashmere, pure Japanese cotton, fleece there is plenty of choice.

The YuYu Bottle was designed by designed by Richard Yu in 2011 and is sold in stores all over the World. The YuYu Bottle has collaborated with many leading hotels, such as Claridges, Rocco Forte, Mandarin Oriental, Four Season and the Ritz. The YuYu Bottle also supplies royalty, with Highgrove House and Gardens, the private residence of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall amongst those who use it.

The YuYu Bottle comes in a range of shapes, sizes and design. Prices range from £25.00 up to £179.00 for the Cashmere version. Visit YuYu for more information.

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