Will Brick & Mortar Casinos Become Extinct Due to Excellent Online Casinos?

Land casinos have become more of a landmark in recent decades than a place where people go to play their favourite slot and table games in order to win some money. The effect that online casinos like NetBet have had on the industry is remarkable. Since the introduction of these online platforms, they have spun consumer habits on their head.

Online casinos have become significantly more convenient as apposed to land casinos due to how quick and easy they are to access. Just compare the time it takes to log into your online account and to click on the thumbnail of a game to begin playing, in comparison to having to travel to a brick and mortar casino, which can be time consuming, having to then make your way to a table, which might be overcrowded anyway!

This is not to say that land casinos are a waste of time because that would not be true. There is still so much excitement and joy around casino buildings. Their appearance, the socialising you can do and the excellent range of drinks you can try at their bars. These types of casinos are still thriving even today, but a chuck of the market has been replaced with online casinos and that seems to be increasing.

Online casinos have emerged as soon as people had access to the internet. You look at some of the original casinos that first made it onto the online scene, they are the ones with the largest customer bases. The future does not look positive for smaller brick and mortar casinos, already over the past decades they will have seen falls in revenue and club members. Some of them will not have the capability to move to online services and will find themselves trapped. This then leads us onto the question, will brick and mortar casinos become extinct?

From our perspective, we disagree and do not think that land casinos will disappear off the face of the earth. However, we do think it will become harder to locate smaller casinos that are really struggling to attract customers since the introduction of online casinos. The ones that you would consider a landmark destination, for example those in Las Vegas, will never become extinct, there will always be an appeal to them, and customers will always travel from around the world to visit them.

There are a number of clear advantages and disadvantages to land casinos. As efficient as online casino gaming is, there will always be some factors that land casinos offer, which online casinos cannot, for example the socialising factor. But apart from that, there isn’t much else that could tempt you. We are lucky to be able to experience such magic and excellency in online casinos. The way they include new technologies, faster processes and of course huge bonuses to help you maximise your winnings. If you haven’t already registered, then what are you waiting for?