Why You Should At Least One Day Visit Europe

Which is the best continent to visit as a tourist? Is it Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, or Antarctica? I’d say Europe as this continent boasts more unique and significant attractions than any other continent. 

From an ancient city “the Acropolis” located in Athens, Greece, to the most original cuisine found in Italy, Europe offers very distinctive attractions. From some of the most mind-blowing wonders of the world situated in Italy and Greece, respectively, to the world’s most famous museum found in Paris, there are just so many thrills and surprises on this continent for tourists. Having said that, let’s look at the ultimate attractions above one after another; 

1. Acropolis of Athens——Greece

Built on a limestone hill in Athens in the fifth century mostly for defensive purposes, the Acropolis of Athens is one of the most outstanding ancient Greek monuments still existing in Europe today. Covering a total surface area of about 30,000 square meters, the structure consists of three main components; the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, and the Temple of Athena Nike. 

It is the Parthenon andthe Erechtheion that have great historical significance. The Parthenon, which translates to ‘the apartment of the virgin’ in English, was dedicated to the Goddess Athena, who was also considered as the patroness of Athens. On the other hand, the Erechteion, which is located on the most sacred corner of the hill served as a venue where all holy ceremonies linked to Goddess Athena and God Poseidon were held. 

There’s just so much more to see here including the world’s oldest weather station, which is also located on the premises. Similarly, there’s so much more to learn here including the genius ancient minds behind the structure. Some of the geniuses who saw the Acropolis become a reality were sculptor Pheidias and a legendary Athenian statesman called Pericles. 

2. Food, Italy

Visiting Europe gives you a unique opportunity to sample the best cuisine in the world. Speaking of the best cuisine in the world, did you know that Italy is where the cuisine originates?

Italy is ranked first for European food. 

What’s so special about Italian cuisine? The answer is; several things. For example, it doesn’t borrow from any cuisine, unlike many cuisines. It is an interesting fact that Italians have avoided taking anyone else’s recipes and modifying them into their own. That has ensured their cuisine remains authentic and original for hundreds of years. 

Simplicity is another unique aspect of the Italian diet. Unlike other dishes, you’ll find many Italian dishes having only two to four main ingredients but still tasting super fabulous. The cuisine relies on quality as opposed to the number of ingredients and elaborate cooking. 

Matter of fact, Italy is home to some of the most delicious dishes in the world including the following: 

i. Pizza Margherita

Italian traditional pizza Margherita tomato mozzarella and basil

ii. Pizza Napoletana

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iii. Bruschetta

iv. Lasagna

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3. Some of The Most Mind-Blowing Ancient Wonders of The World And/Or Their Remains—-Italy and Greece

Europe is where some of the most fascinating wonders of the earth can be found with the Colosseum wonder topping the list:

To be clear, the Colosseum is a great ancient wonder of Europe that was built in the center of Rome, Italy, between 70 and 80 AD. It’s a magnificent ancient amphitheater the largest of its kind that offers breathtaking panoramic views of Athens plus other thrills. What’s more, the premises is full of Roman history that gives visitors a better understanding of the ancient civilization and architecture of the Romans. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view from the top tier and take a stroll through the underground tunnels and see the enclosures where lions were kept. The animals were used to kill people who were condemned to capital punishment.    

4. The Louvre Museum—–France

Originally built as a fortress in 1190, but reconstructed in 1793, the Louvre is today the world’s most famous museum. Situated in Paris, this popular museum and tourist attraction came along as a result of the inputs of Pierre Lescot, Hector Lefuel, Louis Vau, and Claude Perrault. These were among the greatest ancient architects who were highly revered. 

The Louvre is known for some of the finest sculptures and other pieces of art in the world. These include the Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Mona Lisa, and the Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss sculptures.

Considered one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world, the Winged Victory of Samothrace is a fascinating marble Hellenistic sculpture of Nike. This was created in about the 2nd century BC and still exists in a perfect state today. 

Similarly, the Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss is a sculpture that was built in 1787 by an ancient Italian legendary artist called Antonio Canova. It’s a Neoclassical piece of art that depicts the mythological lovers(Psyche and Cupid/Amor) at a moment of great emotion.  

Final Thoughts

Taking the ultimate tourist attractions above into account, I can confidently say that Europe is truly a must-visit-in-a-life-time destination. Here’s where you’ll get to see an ancient city that has seen century-after-century civilizations with no signs of disappearing any time soon. In Europe is where the most original and authentic cuisine that doesn’t incorporate any other cooking style apart from its own can be found. That’s not to mention that on this very continent is where some of the most fascinating ancient wonders of the world or their remains lie. Don’t forget that the Louvre museum, which is the world’s most famous museum is also found here.