Why Vaping Could Be A Better Option For Modern Smokers

There is a long and storied history behind smoking, with iconic figures throughout history like Winston Churchill and Mark Twain being famously pictured with a pipe in hand.

However, like with most things, smoking has changed with the times. Not only this, but the perception to the once leisurely activity has shifted too, as the summer of 2020 saw the highest number of smokers quit in a decade, surprisingly. As smoking has waned, vaping has soared to the fore of public consciousness, brave and bold enough to edge out all the competition. But how has this been achieved?

Well, here’s why vaping is largely considered to be better than smoking these days!

Vaping is Healthier

When you buy a packet of cigarettes, two words of universal knowledge are scrawled in big black letters across the front: smoking kills.

It’s taken a while, but it seems people are finally getting with this programme. The NHS are even recommending vaping as part of their own initiatives around quitting smoking. Vaping isn’t just a better product; it also has an instrumental role in quitting smoking, which speaks volumes of its position and importance here.

Of course, people have become more conscious of their health in modern times. There are now weight-watching apps, and one can only Google ‘tips for a better diet’ to be greeted by an onslaught of quality guidance. Vaping is what happens when people keep a close eye on what they consume. Smoking, however, was symbolic of an easy nonchalance, and of the coolness in not caring about, well, anything!

Vaping is Cost-effective

In any competition between two products, if something is more cost-effective, it is invariably the winner.

If you buy some cigarettes, you are essentially setting fire to money. The quick hit can be a mild mood booster, but it doesn’t really provide you with any overarching or profound fulfilment. When the cigarettes are gone, they’re gone. Why not spend your money on an experience that’s a little more layered?

Vape juices can last years. Moreover, vaping has customisable qualities, like tanks, e liquid flavours and mods, which can all be bought affordably from companies like myCigara. With their varied products, you can pace things as you like them to be. It’s all more accessible because you can get as much or as little out of vaping at your leisure, and your spending can reflect that more precisely. Smoking is one expensive experience in one packet, whereas vaping is so much more flexible and longer lasting to your wants. 

Vaping is Accepted

Smoking used to be trendy, but nowadays, it’s mostly frowned upon.

Pubs have banned the activity, and many have begun to find smoking a distasteful endeavour. It can be a turn-off in many social circles today. More notably, smoking has a long history of taking away loved ones well before their time or putting strain on relationships. There are few silver linings to be found here.

By comparison, vaping has a dedicated community built around it. People enjoy it all over the place, almost in a care-free fashion. Additionally, because vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking, people are more lenient or have openly welcoming attitudes towards it. The smell of smoke can be a turn-off, but the smell of a fruity vape can be a pleasant aroma. This plays a big part in where vaping stands on the ‘smoking stage’, per se. Ultimately, there’s just more to enjoy about vaping, ensuring a good time is had by all here, instead of a select few.