Why Unshaven Hair Transplants Are So Popular Amongst Celebrities

Matthew McConaughey, Gordon Ramsay, Elton John and Sylvester Stallone: all male celebrities, all incredibly famous in their own right, and all with thicker, fuller and healthier looking hair than they used to have. What happened? Did it all start growing back on its own accord? More likely, these celebrities underwent hair transplant procedures and while not even celebrity is willing to confirm these rumours, it’s not unheard of for anyone in the public eye to go under the proverbial knife.

With concerns regarding appearance and reputation, more and more celebrities are opting for an affordable unshaven hair transplant in Turkey, rather than traditional shaven methods. Here, we’re taking a closer look at why this is becoming the procedure of choice.

The Results Are Natural

For celebrities, reputation and public image can be everything and for this reason, ensuring that the results are not only natural in the end, but appear natural from the very beginning is an increasingly important part of the procedure. With critics jumping on every opportunity to tear a celebrity down, an unshaven hair transplant offers the chance to keep the procedure a secret, or on the down-low until they are ready to open up about their treatment.

An unshaven hair transplant procedure provides remarkably natural results due to the fact that the donor hairs are implanted and arranged to match the growth patterns of the already existing follicles. This means that once they begin to grow, they do so in the manner a normal head of hair would.

Minimal Recovery Time

Being a celebrity is a busy ordeal, so having time to rest at home isn’t always feasible, particularly for those at the height of their career. With an unshaven hair transplant, the recovery time is minimal, meaning it is an ideal option for those on tighter schedules.

In fact, celebrities who opt for this treatment can get back to their day to day life often within just hours of the procedure, without it being obvious that they have undergone a hair transplant. Due to the surprisingly minimal amount of pain from a hair transplant and the lack of need for resting or extensive recovery, patients can feel ready to get back to their routine sooner than you might expect.

The Professionalism And Cost

Fortunately, nowadays there are some highly professional clinics or medical companies that will perform an unshaven hair transplant without charging unforgiving costs. With better quality facilities and an increasing number of surgeons able to utilise leading technologies, hair transplants are becoming more and more accessible to the masses. With reassurance that they’re in safe, subtle and secure hands, celebrities are able to gain camera-ready treatment with ease.

Shaven or unshaven, technology has come on leaps and bounds to offer reliable treatments at relatively affordable costs. For the cosmetic surgery that is taking the celebrity world by storm, there are a number of centres across the UK where you can arrange a consultation to discuss undergoing an unshaven hair transplant.