Why is reading so important for your child?

Reading with your child regularly can offer so many benefits to the both of you. In the modern-day, it can be easy to let television programmes and animated movies tell the stories we want our child to explore, but there’s truly nothing quite like delving into the magic of the pages of a book.

So, we’ve put together some of the main reasons that explore why reading with your child is so important, as well as some books for pre-schoolers that’ll help you embark on your next book-worthy adventure together. Read on to find out more.

Bonding with your child

Even before they’re born, babies begin to recognise their mother’s voice. Reading to your child for just a few minutes a day can help calm and comfort them, as well as offer them a greater exposure to language, even from their earliest days. As time goes on, your child will treasure spending quality time with you as you explore new worlds within the pages. They’ll become curious, ask questions and enjoy hearing a fluent reader turn the shapes of letters on the pages into sounds that make sense.

Develops cognitive and language skills

As previously mentioned, hearing the sounds associated with words will help to assist your child’s language development. In addition, their attention span and problem-solving skills will likely be improved by the curiosity and stimulation of learning about new characters, animals and plants.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is a great book to help develop cognitive and language skills. With gentle rhymes and a friendly bunny who says goodnight to the familiar items in his room one by one, it encourages children to start observing the things around them in their own room.

Let’s their imagination run wild

Not only does learning new words help to boost your little one’s self esteem, but reading and experiencing new stories and all the characters that come with them is sure to spark their imagination and creativity. You could then create some book-inspired activities such as baking or a walk in the woods to let your little one’s imagination run wild.

Olu’s Dream by Shane Evans is a book that will help spark creative thinking in your child. The story follows Olu, who wants to keep playing past his bedtime. His dad encourages him to use his imagination to fall asleep, opening up new worlds he can play in as he dreams.

Creates a better understanding of different cultures

Many books and stories explore different cultures and themes, so will help with your child’s social and emotional development as they grow up. Stories like Elmer the Patchwork Elephant explore the themes of embracing your individuality, no matter how different you might look to everyone else. This is a great example of how stories can help children to explore how they treat themselves and others, as well as learning about other cultures in the process.

Encourages a love of learning

Experts believe that reading for pleasure has more of an influence over whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background does. Reading is so important to your child’s development that not only can it open them up to more opportunities and learning curves, but it can also offer them a great form of escapism as well as fond memories of their times with you as they grow older.