Which Things Have Eased Off Lockdown Blues The Best?

Many people have been trying to combat the lockdown blues any way they know how.

For example, one family assembled a series of creative outfits and props and organised their own photo shoot, simply because their kids were “a bit bored” during all the lockdowns. Everyone has had their own coping mechanisms ranging from the expected to the creative, and it’s worth reflecting on what types of products have seen people through this bleak period.

Consequently, here’re some of the things that have eased off lockdown blues the best.


Over the last year, the appreciation for pets has been magnified tenfold. 

After all, Pets at Home have gone on record stating that pets have been a ‘lifesaver’ for many over the course of the lockdown period. Furry companions have undoubtedly helped people destress and relax when times have been hard and provided those who otherwise live alone with a meaningful friendship.

They’ve also brought perspective. Dogs, cats, rabbits, or hamsters – none of them have any awareness for what is currently occurring in the world today, blissfully unaware of all the bad news. Their adoration for simple pleasures has inspired their owners to follow suit in some cases, which has surely helped people cope and remain positive as much as possible.


By now, vaping has amassed a huge following, and many would likely refer to it as a comfort product of sorts that provides some measure of relief.

Companies like The Vape House have been reliable suppliers for many here, as their online store is always stocked up with the latest gadgetry and accessories sourced from the industry’s leaders. They make the switch from vaping to smoking simple and cost-effective too, and they’re fully staffed by vaping experts who can answer any question that comes to mind. Newcomers arrive in the vaping world all the time, but now it’s never been easier to get started.

Of course, lockdown has left many people limited in terms of new experiences to try. However, even experienced vapers have trodden new ground here, as they no doubt ordered new mods online to enhance their vape pens and enjoy new flavours. There’s always a sense of renewal at work here, which is a vital feeling in a year that has left many people feeling trapped.

Video Games

Video games have received greater exposure and appreciation than ever over the last year.

After all, there has been an unsurprising sales surge in video games, as even non-gamers gather to complete them. Stifled indoors, it’s only natural for people to want some form of escape. They can seldom do that literally of course, unless they need to go shopping, so video games become an understandable alternative.

There are many options to enjoy her too. For example, players can be immersed in single-player story games, fully engaged in an enrapturing narrative with acting and action that could rival a Hollywood motion picture. Or, they can go online, chatting away with friends and family over their mics as they invest countless hours not only in the game, but in each other too. Ultimately, video games have kept people connected and entertained when it really mattered the most.