Which Patio Door Type Is Best For You?

We are about halfway through this years Summer and whilst we’ve been kept indoors for most of it thanks to lockdown and the Coronavirus, you may have a few gripes with your current home or a few ideas on how to improve your home for next Summer to better enjoy the weather. One of the biggest home changes people are searching for now patio doors as the term ‘Patio Doors’ is now being searched for on Google almost 3x as much as it was this time last year.

So, if you’re one of the many people mulling over the possibility of getting patio doors installed in your home you should know about the various types of patio doors that are available on the market, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide on the differences between the patio doors you can buy.

French Doors

French doors are pretty much the standard for patio doors, a timeless classic consisting of 2 outward opening doors with large glass panels which can be opened individually or simultaneously, sometimes depending on the size of the doorway, they may have a large window either side of the doors.

When it comes to the style elements of the door, the frame is usually made from a white plastic and the whole door frame will likely be made of this, whilst not incredibly stylish, it is cheap and effective. When it comes to covering the door, as it opens outwards you can just install a set of blinds or curtains over the recess for the door inside your home.


+ Simple Design

+ Can open Either Door

+ Relatively Cheap

+ Easy To Cover


– Not Very Stylish

– Door Will Take Up Space When Open

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are another often seen type of patio door, rather than having a door which can open outwards the sliding door is made of 2 large glass panels, one panel which is secured in place and another panel which is on rails and can slide open. As the doors slide rather than needing to be opened they are a lot easier to be opened than the French doors.

When it comes to style, sliding patio doors are incredibly sleek and look amazing in most settings, but especially homes with a modern design, this style is reflected in the price as they are a bit more costly than French doors. In terms of window coverings, as the door panel doesn’t intrude on into the room you can simply install blinds outside of the recess on the door frame.


+ Sleek Design

+ Easy To Operate

+ Easy To Cover

+ Doesn’t Take Up Space When Open


– Can’t Fully Open Door

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors are relatively new and are quickly becoming a stylish favourite for patio doors and merge together the best aspects of the French doors and the sliding doors they’re made up of multiple panels on rails which can fold up on themselves to be opened and stack together on one side of the doorframe, allowing you to open the entire set of doors so you have a large open space.

Style wise, Bi-Folds are sleek & modern looking and when closed or open they have a great view of the outside and let in a lot of natural light. For shading these doors, rather than installing blinds over the recess like with the French and sliding doors, you’ll need to get individual pleated blinds that fit into the door panel, this type of pleated bi-fold blind is available from DotcomBlinds.


+ Very Stylish

+ Easy To Install

+ Very Secure

+ Can Fully Open


– Can Be More Expensive

– Need Individual Blinds For Each Panel