What To Look Out For When Buying A Home With A Garden

Searching for a property can be an exciting yet emotional time, and it can be all too easy to get wrapped up in the house itself and forget to pay equal attention to its facilities. Suppose you’re fortunate enough to be in the process of purchasing a home with a garden.

You might overlook aspects of it, primarily if you haven’t owned a property with a garden before or are not particularly interested in it. However, even if this is the case, you should be looking out for a few things or risk complications arising in the future that can be expensive to remedy. This article will highlight what to look out for when buying a home with a garden – keep reading to learn more.

Invasive Weeds, Plants And Trees

One of the main aspects to look out for when buying a home with a garden is invasive weeds, plants, and trees. If you’re not a keen gardener, you might wonder what bother trees, plants, and weeds could cause.

The answer is a lot; invasive weeds or plants such as Japanese Knotweed or Bamboo are renowned for being difficult to remove and, in worst-case scenarios, can cause structural and boundary problems for homeowners. Japanese knotweed can prevent the sale of a property, and any purchaser taking on a property with the plant present should insist that there is a management plan in place to deal with it.

To avoid this, homeowners would be  advised to contact a PCA accredited invasive weed specialist, such as PBA Solutions, and request that they survey the property prior to purchase. If any invasive plants are present, they’ll be able to identify them and suggest a remedy best suited to your needs. Further information about the problems and remedies associated with Japanese knotweed, bamboo and other invasive plants can be found on the PBA Solutions website.


Another aspect that you should look out for is accessibility. Sadly, how you enter/exit your garden cannot be changed, so it’s essential that you consider this before purchasing the property. Depending on whether the property is detached or semi-detached, you might be able to access the garden through a side entrance while others don’t, and the only through route will be through the house.

Not having access to the garden through a side entrance can be an issue for some homeowners, especially if you are planning to conduct work on the rear of the house, as you’ll have builders traipsing back and forth, which can be messy. It can even cause difficulty in simple scenarios like cleaning the windows – so ensure you consider this carefully before completing the sale.

Quality Of The Shed

One of the most valuable accessories that your new garden can come equipped with is a shed; however, it’s always worth checking its quality before purchasing. Providing that it’s reasonably new, secure, and sturdy, it’ll be a great addition for storing seasoned garden furnishings or keeping unsightly tools out of the way.

Although sheds can also be prime targets for criminals, especially ones in a state of disrepair, ensure that your checks extend to the locks, doors, and windows so that you’re confident that your valuables will be secure. Consider the shed’s quality before purchasing the property to minimise the risk of extra garden work in the future.