What is a “Commercial Fit Out” and What It Can Do for Your Business

If you are in the market for buying or renting new company space, it is better to opt for a commercial fit out instead of a generic design. For those who are not familiar with the whole idea of commercial fit outs and how they can be best implemented, we have a few brief introductions next that might prove to be useful.

What is a Commercial Fit Out?

The term commercial fit out applies to any business space with interiors that were designed and modified specifically for the company occupying that space. As should be evident, such unique customisation options allow a business to maximise the space they have, in the most profitable and productive way possible.

What is a White Box Shell?

A white box is the basic space or “shell” that the landlord had originally constructed, but did not fill out with any interior design elements yet. It could be an office floor or an entire building, but the idea remains the same; an empty white box, to be filled in by a commercial buyer/tenant. Once a tenant or buyer is found, the occupant then calls in a contractor or interior design company that specialises in commercial fit outs. Together, they design the empty shell in the most suitable and cost-effective way possible.

For example, this commercial fit out company is quite well known for getting to first know their customers, as well as the goals, visions and particular expectations which they have from the project. Only then will RSS work with the customer to design and deliver a unique commercial fit out required and expected from the design.

Which Businesses Stand to Gain the Most from Customised Fit Outs?

Due to the inherent bespoke nature of business fit outs, there is no limitation to their applicability. In other words, from office buildings to retail chains and movie halls, there are virtually no brick and mortar commercial establishments that cannot benefit from a bespoke interior. Also, due to the personalised nature of the designs, the benefits a business might reap from clever designs are often exclusive to their particular situation.

There are common advantages to a commercial fit out. Some of the most prominent ones can be pointed out as follows.

  • Exclusivity: Creating a unique brand signature that could become common across all future commercial buildings
  • Productivity: When everything in a supermarket has been designed specifically with the products, employees, customers, and even the very architecture in mind, boosted productivity is inevitable
  • Morale: Be it an office building or a retail store, commercial fit outs are always designed to be healthy, safe, and well-lit spaces for employees to work in. This boosts morale and that, in turn, boosts productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention rates.

Now that you have been introduced to the basic concepts, it might be a good idea to look at some commercial fit outs yourself, to get a more visual idea of how it all works.