What Do Children’s Illustrators Do?

Do you want to become an illustrator? Well, illustration is a wide industry, and you can make a career out of it. Today, there are different illustrator jobs in the market, which are just as lucrative as other professions like medicine and engineering.

Illustrators are useful in medicine, education, technology, entertainment, and machine learning. 

If you’re an educationist, you can become a children’s illustrator or join the industry as a medical illustrator. 

In this article, we break down what an illustrator requires: their roles and what makes this career the ideal one for you.

What you will be doing as a children’s illustrator

When you become a children’s illustrator, here is what your job will involve:

  • Illustrating children’s books: Your work is to illustrate children’s books. That means making the books’ concepts, ideas, and messages easy to digest for children readers. 

Your work involves coming up with simple and more primitive illustrations for books to make learning swift. Children’s books tend to have a lot of pictures and a few texts. This makes children’s book illustration one of the most sought jobs today.

  • Product illustration and packaging: As an illustrator, you will also develop product illustrations for children’s toys and clothing. Most packaging designs for children’s clothes and toys mimic a cartoon geared to attract children’s attention.
  • Mobile media and web: Graphic designers and illustrators work in interactive media for kids, from simple games to digital content, with an elementary school in mind.
  • Textile illustration: Most children’s items tend to have illustrations, from accessories to clothing. Illustrators create artwork for hats printed on children’s clothing and most textile products. When you become a top children’s illustrator, you will work for some of the largest companies.

How do children’s book illustrators work?

When you become a children’s book illustrator, you will most likely start as a freelancer. That means you will be working independently. You can also work for some of the largest companies on a contract basis. As a freelance illustrator, you can move from one project to another, gain experience in the industry, and build a rich portfolio.

You may have to register with a children’s illustration agency to bring in more work. Most agencies connect you with clients on a commission. Agencies may also represent different illustrators; some may major down to working with specialty illustrators.

In most cases, agents are paid a fee or commission, which may not include a percentage of the client’s payment. The trade-off in hiring an agent is having someone to represent your work, market you in the industry, and connect you to high-paying clients.

When you have an agent by your side, you can focus more on what you do best, illustrating children’s books. Instead of marketing your illustrations, you can have an agent push your work to the global market. 

More connections in the global market mean you will have a lot of work as a freelance illustrator and make a fortune out of your talent and career.

What makes you the best children’s book illustrator?

Great children’s illustrations should be colorful, silly, and aware of what children love. Many child illustrations should be centered on learning, simplifying ideas, which is why educational work is the largest niche for children’s illustrations.

To be a good children’s illustrator, you should beware of what your work involves. Stand out in what you deliver to clients. You should be aware of the message you should send to children in all your illustrations. Children’s illustrations should involve creating educational and informative content for children.

Come up with the simplest and most primitive piece of illustration. Most children don’t respond to beautiful and skillful illustrations. Therefore, you should create the simplest illustrations for children’s books, clothes, and toys to remain unique.

Final Thoughts 

You go through a lot to become one of the best children’s illustrators. When you begin working as a freelance illustrator, you should register with an agency to market your work and help you get more clients. It takes time to become the best illustrator, and once you gain experience in this field, there are always a lot of projects to handle.