Visit dreamland with your OTTY mattress

LEADING mattress retailer, OTTY, is sending thousands of customers into blissful sleep with their top selling hybrid mattresses, pillows and accessories.

Consisting of spring and foam, the OTTY Original, Essential and Pure are designed to a medium to medium-firm firmness for added support and comfort.

All three mattresses and pillows also have temperature regulating properties which ensure heat can escape throughout the night to prevent overheating.

Those who often get disturbed by their families in the middle of the night will also benefit from the range of mattresses as they work to minimise motion transfer.

Michal Szlas, CEO and Founder of OTTY, said; “As someone who appreciates that a good night’s sleep is essential for functionality, I founded OTTY with the intention of providing people with a solution to poor quality sleep.

“By creating hybrid mattresses, it means that people can benefit from the support of springs and comfort of foam, with added benefits of temperature control.

“One thing that was also important to me was the cleanliness of the sleeping environment, which is why our mattresses come with removable mattress covers so that our customers can keep their sleeping environment clean and free of bacteria.

“Myself and my team here at OTTY are proud of the mattresses that we provide to our customers and it’s always great to hear that the OTTY mattress makes a difference to people’s lives.”

The most recent mattress added to the collection, the OTTY Pure, goes above and beyond to provide a great night’s sleep. It’s the first of its kind in the UK with bamboo memory foam and charcoal infused layers which go a long way to eliminate odours, wick away moisture and regulate temperature, all whilst being antibacterial.

All OTTY mattresses come with a 100-night free trial, meaning you can test the mattress and if you decide it’s not for you within 100 nights, you can get your money back.  All 3 mattresses also come with a 10-year guarantee.

Financing plans are also available for those who prefer to pay in instalments. Payment plans start as low as £33 per month with a 96% approval rate.

On top of their 3 hybrid mattresses, OTTY also sells accessories including; bed frames, pillows and bed sheets.

Just like the OTTY Pure mattress, the Deluxe Pure pillow contains antibacterial properties and offers quality support for your head and neck.

All OTTY mattresses and accessories can be purchased at where you are offered with an online chat service should you need it.

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