Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air this month and even us ‘non-romantics’ are more likely to make more of an effort for their partners on 14th February.

So, V-Day falls on a Wednesday this year, what to do?

Schedule a romantic evening meal for after work, leave a present on the kitchen table?

Something to show our appreciation for our significant other is necessary on this day.

Even the smallest gestures (such as remembering a card!) create a loving mood. It does not take much to boost our partner’s day with little things, so why don’t we do this more regularly, and not just on Valentine’s?

Maybe we should do something about this! Remember that time they brought you back your favourite pack of sweets for no reason? Or defrosted your car because you were running late that morning?

How about getting in from work to be greeted with ‘I’ve booked a table for 8 o’clock!’. These are bound to get a smile. Little things can make a big difference to the daily routine.

When we take a step back its easy to see that we could be taking our special person for granted. These are the ones we rely on constantly, for good company, support and venting to after a long day! After all they are our rocks, and what would we do without them? Go and make someone feel extra special!