Vacuum away allergens for a dust free home

with the award-winning Henry Allergy 

With up to 1 in 4 adults and children currently suffering from allergies in the UK* and Allergy Awareness Week coming up during26th – 30th  April, it’s the perfect time to consider just how effective vacuum cleaners are at removing allergens in the home.  Allergies can make life a misery both for adults and children which is the reason why Henry has used their well-known expertise to create a high performance vacuum – Henry Allergy RRP £199.99, that helps improve air quality for everyday living.   

Awarded with the Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation, Henry Allergy is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to dust and allergens throughout the home. 

Perfect for Pet Hair 

Homes with pets needs vacuums that work harder, and for those that suffer with allergies like asthma and hayfever, pet or cat hair can exacerbate the problem by getting trapped in carpets and upholstery. Henry Allergy’s advanced 3-stage HEPA filtration system helps combat this by trapping miniscule particles that are virtually undetectable, reducing the amount of allergens in the home.

For more precise cleaning, the Crevice Tool is ideal for getting into all those nooks and crannies to clear away hidden hair, whilst the Dusting Tool is extremely effective for delicate surfaces, like shelves, ornaments and picture frames. You can also add Henry Allergy’s Upholstery Tool for smaller surfaces, such as the stairs, sofa, the car and even your mattress.

Perfect for Carpets and Hard-floors

Tosave hassle of switching from carpets to hard floors or vice versa, Henry Allergy does all the work for you and has not one, but two powerful floor tools for targeted cleaning whatever the floor. Simply switch between carpets and hard-floors with the high-performance Combi Floor Tool by setting the brushes up for carpets and down for hard-floors, and you’ll get exceptional results in either mode. Plus, Henry Allergy comes with a specialist FreeFlo Tool, giving you optimum pick-up, wherever you need it most so you can ensure your home is as clean as can be.

Dust-free Emptying

Bagged cleaning offers a hygienic, mess free alternative for busy homes. Henry Allergy’s innovative self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag, so unlike with bagless vacuums, you can empty with no dirt, dust and hair and allergens escaping meaning minimum contact with them whilst emptying your vacuum.

What we think – Bounce puts it to the test!

Henry feels a bit like a well know house hold name these days and he comes with his other Numatic siblings Harry, George, Charles, Hetty and James’s.

These hoovers are most commonly used by a builder or professional cleaner (for whom this vacuum cleaner is a mainstay) somehow the phrase NVR170 has more of a macho ring to it, so we will keep referring to the Henry!

First up, Henry is very reasonably priced for a device that seems all but impossible to kill. In its native UK Henry Allergy generally costs around £150-200. 

After clogging up our last Dyson with brick dust, Henry just sucks up anything, no matter the size or consistency. You can simply pour the contents of its huge reservoir-like container straight into the bin.

In terms of a model, Henry is tough. You could probably drop him and he would still come up smiling. He can handle a carpet – and especially a hard floor – as well as the best the world of household vacuuming has to offer.

About this item

  • Stop Allergens in their Tracks
  • Relief from Pet Allergies
  • British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval
  • Allergy-friendly Cleaning
  • Emptying with No Dust, No Mess, No Allergens