Unique Gift Ideas for the Golfing Addict in Your Family

The festive season is fast-approaching, and the stress of finding gifts catering for all family members is slowly setting in. Albeit an incredibly popular hobby, golf can be intimidating for those that don’t practice or show an interest in the sport. Likewise, so can finding suitable gifts for friends and family members that regularly populate the putting green. Therefore you may be worried about what gift you could present them with Christmastime or otherwise! Luckily; golf is a highly favourable pastime, so the gifting market is populated with a variety of suitable gifts for these hobbyists, ranging from functional to comedic. In this article, we’ve made a list of some unique gift ideas for the golfing addict in your family or friendship group, fit for Christmas time and beyond, so that you can cease stressing and start celebrating.

Golfing-Themed Drinking Gifts

Perfect for that long-awaited tipple in the evening after a long day at work or on the putting green, after dinner has been cleared away and everyone in the family is ready to wind down and put their feet up. Providing that the golfing addict in your family has a sense of humour and enjoys an alcoholic beverage (or two!), a golfing-themed drinking gift would be a perfect present for them. Not only will they be impressed because it caters to their primary interest, but it applies to another pastime of theirs, which will be comical at social events and a fond memory. You can find a range of novelty golf-themed drinking gifts by using this helpful list, ranging from beer coolers to drinking games and from customisable glass wear to golf ball ice cube moulds.

Eco-Friendly Golf Balls

One of the most pivotal pieces of kit in a golfer’s bag is golf balls, and due to the nature of the sport, we’re sure that the gift of a few spares won’t go amiss. These are perfect stocking fillers for the holidays and are available to purchase or even customise in a variety of colours and materials from several notable brands. You can also buy eco-friendly and biodegradable golf balls, thanks to our society’s increased interest in the wellbeing of our planet, which can dissolve in water from environmentally conscious materials such as corn starch and polyvinyl alcohol. You can purchase these in-stores at any notable golfing suppliers and online marketplaces such as Amazon; a perfect gift if the golfer in your life is passionate about saving the environment.

New Golfing Clothes or Accessories

We’re sure that any keen golfing addict in your family would love to be surprised with some new, stylish clothing or accessories. Especially if your loved one is the kind of person who wears the same outfit to the driving range each week, you could surprise them with a new wardrobe addition. Sure to boast much more sophistication than their usual uniform of a novelty t-shirt with ‘let’s par-tee’ across the front and shorts. Have your family member step out onto the putting green in style with clothes or accessories from J.Lindeberg Golf Clothing, a specialist golfing clothing brand designed for function and comfort. Peruse their offerings so that you can find the perfect gift for the golfer in your life.

Indoor Putting Mats or Desktop Golf

Perhaps one of our more comedic gift suggestions for the golfer in your life is an indoor putting mat or desktop golfing game. Provided that your family or friend is up for a laugh, you could gift them one of the previously mentioned gag-gifts for their special day or the holidays, which are readily available and can be procured from Amazon or a convenience store. Unlike desktop models, some indoor putting mats serve a purpose besides being amusing. Supposing that you’re willing to spend a little more money, you could invest in a slightly more expensive floor-based replica which will help your friend or family member improve their game. They could use this in conjunction with a golf swing analyser; also mentioned in this gift guide. Incredibly thoughtful if the golfer in your life doesn’t live close to a driving range or golf club, as an indoor putting mat will enable them to practice their swing at home or the office. If you’re worried about the expenses of this gift suggestion, you could always see if other friends and family members would like to contribute towards the cost to make it more cost-effective.

Autobiographies by Notable Figures/ General Books about Golfing

Regardless of how niche or mainstream a hobby is, you can always rely on publishers to assist when you’re feeling swamped for gift ideas. Nowadays, you can purchase books relating to just about any subject or topic, and golf is no exception! Like any popular sport, you can find golfing books ranging from tips and tricks to improve your game, commentary on legendary matches, and autobiographical accounts from famous golfing figures, suitable for all golfing fans, regardless of their skill or interest level. Not sure where to begin? Take a look at this list of fourteen books every self-respecting golfer should read, as recommended by GOLF’s magazine editors, for a little gift-giving inspiration.

Golf Swing Analyser

One of our more costly suggestions for the golfing addict in your family is a golf swing analyser. A golf swing analyser aims to help measure and improve a golfer’s swing and help individuals correct their game overall.  Suppose you’ve overheard the golfer in your life complaining about bringing their score down; purchasing a golf swing analyser is the perfect tool to assist with this common golfing problem. Portable and pocket-sized in some cases, swing analysers can connect to your television or smart phone and stimulate playing a game of golf in real-time so that it can study your game play and tailor feedback so that you know which areas to improve on. On the market today, you can find a range of analysers for a wide array of budgets, some of which work out more cost-effectively than hiring a golf coach.