Types of properties available to rent and buy in Malaysia

If you’re looking to move houses and are on the hunt for something new, there are a number of fantastic residential properties available in Malaysia. These properties are available to either rent or buy, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit all your needs.

The property market in Malaysia is currently booming, but if you are unsure on where to start or aren’t sure on which property if right for you, here is a list of the types of properties available to rent and buy in Malaysia.


The first type of property that is easily available to rent or buy within Malaysia is a townhouse. This type of property is quite common across the country and is a great way of saving space in a highly populated area. Townhouses consist of placing one house on top another. Although these houses are place on top of one another, each house is a single self-contained unit and is completely separate to the other. Both houses have their own entrance, but you may have to share the garden and car parking space with your neighbour.


Another extremely popular type of property in Malaysia is an apartment. Just like townhouses, apartments are a great way of utilising space in such a populated city. Apartments have become much more popular on the property market in recent years and are a great option if you are looking to rent instead of buy. It is typical to find a number of apartments in one block, therefore renting is the easier option with this type of property. Apartments are usually equipped with basic facilities, such as lifts and a security system, and are typically reasonably priced.


Otherwise known as a condominium, this type of property is also extremely popular across the country of Malaysia. Condos consist of a number of individual units within one relatively larger building. They are typically more high-end than apartments, as they usually come with higher securities and have a number of additional features. These features could include luxury interiors, indoor car parking, swimming pools and even indoor gym rooms. Again, with this type of property it is more common to rent rather than buy.


A step up from condos, penthouses are one of the most luxurious and lavish types of property available in Malaysia. Penthouses cover the whole top floor of an apartment building or condominium, meaning there is plenty of space and usually come with an incredible view. Unlike condos and apartments, people living within a penthouse usually own the property due to the fact there is a great amount of space and privacy. Although this type of property can be expensive in Malaysia and are not within most people’s price range.

Terrace House

A terrace house, also known as a detached house, is property that I placed directly beside another house. Terrace houses share one common wall with the adjoining house, meaning the layouts mirror each other. These houses are typically larger than the previously mentioned properties and can either be double or single storey. Terrace houses offer a lot of space, making it a much more comfortable way of living. They come with an outdoor parking space and usually a garden or small lawn. In Malaysia it is common to buy terrace houses rather than renting them, but if you are in the market check out this Cyberjaya house for rent.

Semi-Detached House

This type of property is self-explanatory and refers to houses that are not attached to the adjoining house, like a terrace house. Semi-detached house can be both bought and rented out, but due to the high costs they are more typically bought. Just like a terrace house, they are spacious and usually come with a garden and outdoor parking space. They also typically have 2 or more bedrooms, making it a great option for a family who are looking for a new property.


Probably the most luxurious and extravagant property out of all the ones previously mentioned, mansions are Ferrari of the property market. Mansions are relatively large and spacious houses that are typically over 5,000 square feet, and come with a lot of land. This means you will have plenty of space for a garden, garage and even an outdoor swimming pool. Mansions can be extremely expensive; therefore, they are always bought rather than rented out. This type of property is unfortunately not within the average person’s price range, so consider yourself lucky if you own or are looking to buy one.

Hopefully from this guide you will now be aware of the different types of properties that are available to rent and buy in Malaysia, and you’ll be on the way to finding the perfect space for you.