Tribe & Story

Award winning wedding stationery designer and the founder of Tribe & Story, Jennifer Jones, is due to launch a collection stationery items, kickstarting with a brand new baby record book.

From the time you find out you’re pregnant, the days are filled with beautiful moments that you want to hold onto forever. From the first scan to first steps to the first day at school, the memories are cherished and held onto tightly. However as time goes on, these fleeting moments often fade and despite our best efforts to remember, we often forget.

Tribe & Story’s baby record book is designed to help you record and remember all of the beautiful, amazing and often chaotic moments that happen during your child’s early years. The end result is something that not only you as a parent will treasure forever, but it’s something that your child will love looking through too.

There’s lots of space to write and the photo pages are intentionally blank so as not to limit you to specific print sizes, layouts or formats. Instead of closed questions, the book uses ‘prompts’, giving you much more freedom in what you write. And finally, the pages sit inside a luxury ring binder, meaning that you can add and remove pages to suit your family.

“I searched high and low for a baby record book for both of my kids but found they were either too ‘twee’ and cutesy (really not my thing),  too cheap (not quite the heirloom I had in mind), too rigid in their content (I want to record MY memories, MY way) or a combination of all three. So I decided to design the baby record book I was so desperately looking for… and This is Your Story was born.

2 years in the making, This is Your Story is carefully designed for parents that want something a bit cooler than the norm and something they can really make their own. Our book has been purposely designed for flexibility, meaning that extra pages can be added in and unwanted pages taken out. The content is a perfect combination of helpful prompts to get your thoughts flowing and free space to record your memories, your way.” said Jen.

Bounce absolutely loves these record books, they are beautiful in design, have plenty of space for all of those special moments, plus you can get add on pages, which is really unique for a baby record book!

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