Travel with Your Baby in Style with a Luxury Pushchair…

Buggies have become somewhat of a luxury symbol in the world of parenting. As demonstrated in a previous feature here on Bounce Magazine, mums care about functionality as much as they do about style. It’s that same balance that parents should look for in a pushchair.

Aside from transporting your child from point A to point B, pushchairs are essential because they allow babies their time in the outside world. Headteacher Charlotte Atkinson says that exposing children to nature and fresh air – even simply letting them sleep as they are being pushed around in a pram – encourages a more active lifestyle later on. But before you do that, it’s important to choose your baby buggy wisely.

Here are the things to consider when buying a luxury pushchair.

Design, size, and ease of use

What makes a luxury pushchair is mainly the sleek yet functional design. There shouldn’t be any unnecessary frills and every component should have a purpose. At the same time, it should be easy to steer sideways, upwards, or downhill. Pushchairs don’t really need to be bulky to be efficient. In fact, they should be easy to fit in most places especially in busy streets and trains. A good pushchair should be durable and lightweight especially if you move around a lot, yet remain solid.

Child’s comfort and safety

Go for a buggy with soft padding wrapped in quality fabric. Organic cotton is a great option as it is gentle on a baby’s skin and isn’t made from harmful chemicals. In addition, look at the pushchair’s cover and if it gives your child ample protection, especially on sunny days. You can opt for one that has a full cover with a small cutout so you can still see how your baby is doing.

Assembly and disassembly

Another thing to consider is if the pushchair comes as a ‘travel system.’ Very Well Family explains it as a multi-piece set made up of a pram and a car seat. This kind of equipment is made for families who like to hit the road often but if that’s not your style, then a regular-style luxury pushchair will do the trick.


Some parents spare no expense and even get more than one pram for their child to fit different types of activities. When choosing one, it’s important to factor in the kind of lifestyle you lead. For instance, Mother and Baby talked about considering getting a running buggy for parents who are avid runners. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of errands to run on a daily basis, consider getting a pushchair with lots of storage space.


Of course, you also need to think about the terrain when it comes to the places you visit the most. iCandy has a number of single pushchairs that can handle different terrains from paved roads to grassy trails. Urban parents will do well with plastic or air-filled rubber tires which are made for concrete, while foam-filled tires are more suited for different settings and even going off-road. Assess its versatility, and there should also be adequate suspension and stability control.

Storage space and additional features

Depending on the brand, other features that you should look for in a luxury pushchair include trays, cup containers, and adjustable handles. You only need to decide which ones are the most useful for you and your baby.