Travel Photo Albums: The Best Gift To Put Together Your Adventure Memories

As someone who loves to hit the open road on travel adventures, you probably have an extensive collection of stunning photos of interesting locations and colourful characters you have met on your expeditions around the globe.

A luxury travel photo album is the perfect place in which to store, preserve and display your favourite photographs. You can create fabulous themed arrangements of each of your holiday adventures, or an alluring array of images that show off highlights of your most memorable travels.

A stylishly beautiful and bespoke personalised photo album is the best gift for anyone who has a touch of wanderlust.

The Personal Gift

You don’t need permission or a special occasion to treat yourself to a gift that keeps on giving. If you have stacks of photographs of your travels to exotic faraway destinations, and trips closer to home, a travel photo album should definitely be in the must-buy priority spot on your personal gift shopping list.

As you fill up the pages of the photo album, with your favourite travel images, you’re creating a unique travelogue of your adventures. For optimal impact, pick the most striking shot to feature on the cover or first page. Arranging the photos in a manner that tells a story will keep browsing relatives and friends interested in viewing your travel photo collection from start to finish.

The Gap Year Student

If you have a gap year student in your family, or a friend who dreams of taking a sabbatical to visit new places, you can inspire their travel plans by gifting them a photo album. Taking a year off to explore a different country and culture is a great way to broaden the mind and your outlook on life, and to foster a love of adventure.

A personalised travel photo album makes an excellent alternative to a travel journal. While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, displaying favourite images in a travel photo book, alongside captions, comments and anecdotes, dramatically enhances the presentation and visual appeal of the featured destination.

The Newly-Weds

It’s a lovely thoughtful idea to present a stylish customised photo album to newly-wed friends, on their return from their romantic honeymoon. They will be in need of somewhere to store, preserve and share their happy honeymoon memories.

Choose an elegant luxury photo album that beautifully complements their personalised wedding photo book. They can fill the album up with photos of their first holiday together as a married couple.

The Stay At Home Friend

A customised photo album can be a great tool for encouraging a stay at home friend, who has become complacent about exploring the wonders of the world, to boldly go where they have never been before.

Gift them a travel photo book, and dare them to fill it up with photographs and travel mementos. Choose from a printed hardcover, softcover or fabric covered photo album, and show your friend how easy it is to personalise the pages with snaps, anecdotes, funny captions, and other travel information.

The Family

If you have children, you’ll be well aware of how quickly time passes. To ensure that memories of children growing up are cherished and not forgotten, it’s important to capture them in photographs. A collection of well-preserved images makes a uniquely personal and treasured keepsake, and a family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations.

A travel photo album provides a great solution, if you have piles of fabulous fun family holiday snaps, and not enough wall or shelf space to display them. Creating a themed coffee table style travel photo book, for each trip you’ve taken with the kids in tow, can quickly build into an impressive collection that is the envy of your friends.

The Empty Nesters

Parents whose children have flown the nest often discover that they now have ample free time available to finally have some fun. Inspire their travel dreams by gifting them a chic bespoke photo book, in which they can display photographic proof of their travel adventures.

If you’ve recently found yourself childfree, you can ignite the spark of your long-lost wanderlust, by daydreaming about the places you will visit and photograph. Whether you want to take a trip to iconic cities like Paris or Rome, or you want to venture outside of your comfort zone in home territory, you can easily create a stunning visual memory of your exciting adventures with the help of a practical and stylish travel related photo album.

The Grandparents

As parents mature into grandparents, taking a spontaneous out of season trip abroad suddenly becomes highly appealing. Before they pack up their bags, gift the grandparents a travel photo album to inspire new adventures. Ask them to take plenty of snaps of interesting sights, and of each other having a great time. You can offer to help them sort and choose the best pictures to display in the album, when they get back home.

Grandparents who prefer to be armchair travellers will enjoy spending hours flicking through the pages of photo books that feature your happy family on holidays all over the world.

If your elderly relatives live overseas, a travel photo book is an extra special gift, as it allows them to keep up to date with the growth and development of their grandchildren. Melt their hearts by choosing a selection of beautiful travel related images and arranging them in an album, with added text that is personalised.