Top Tips For Drying Clothes Outside

After a long waited summer there is nothing that beats the smell of air dried clothes. However, if you’re not careful, they can become crisp and dry and lose their fluffiness. There’s an art to drying in open air – so here are our top 8 tips to drying your clothes outside. 

Give your clothes space to dry

Leave at least an inch between each item, it helps if you have a good quality washing line like this Brabantia Rotary Airer from Robert Dyas. Designed with convenience in mind, it features an adjustable height design for positioning it exactly as you need it, making it great for airing cushions and bedding, helping you keep your washing nice and spaced out.

Clean your lines or use a cover

By using water and a damp cloth and cleaning the lines will avoid mucky stains on your nicely washed white t shirts! Using a warm cloth to wipe down the line will ensure that all dirt is removed, and it’s therefore safe for your freshly washed items. 

Run out of pegs?

Household items can make perfect replacements.

Paper clips – great to hang out your smaller items. They’re delicate, won’t rust and are usually readily available in your kids’ pencil cases. Great for pants or socks. 

Plastic coat hangers – can be hung from your washing line to then hang smaller items, such as socks, from. Great when you have little – or no – space left on your line. 

Keep it eco friendly

Although wooden pegs may remind you of your grandmother, they are also the most eco-friendly peg in the world. They are perfect for hanging large heavy items such a duvet covers. Just remember to not let them get too damp outside as this will cause them to decay.

Be mindful of the sun

The sun will fade colours quickly, creating uneven and unsightly markings. You can use an umbrella to keep the sun at bay on those extra sunny days, or make sure your whites are using the sunny patches whilst your colours are protected.

A little shuffle here and there

The other benefit to have a rotary washing line is that different materials will dry at different rates, so it’s important to move the clothes around. Every 30-40 minutes make sure the line has a new position.

Be allergy alert

If you suffer from hayfever be mindful that hanging your clothes outside will attract more pollen. If you’re concerned when bringing dry clothes in, a quick tumble–dry for 5 minutes will remove most of the pollen from your clothes.

Grab a basket

Make life easier for yourself by grabbing a basket such as this collapsobale one which is also really easy to store. Gone are the days of dropping socks as you make your way outside.

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Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable height – The rotary dryer can be adjusted from 129 to 187cm so you can choose whatever height suits you best. 
  • Smooth rotation – Allows for super-fast drying. 
  • 50m of taut line – There’s plenty of room for the whole family’s laundry on this Brabantia rotary airer. Plus, the rounded feed-through of the lines ensures long-lasting tautness. 
  • Integrated hanging loop – Great for when you’ve finished with your airer and want to hang it up for storage. 

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Features and Benefits

  • Space-saving – You can push to expand this basket and push it back down after use for your ease.
  • Generous capacity – Place your family’s whole load of washing in this basket to take it to your washing machine.
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