Top Gift Ideas For A 50th Wedding Anniversary In The Family

Invited to a relative’s golden wedding anniversary party? Wondering what to give as a present?

It’s important to think of a heartfelt gift idea for a 50th wedding anniversary in the family. The gifts should represent the admiration you have for the couple’s bond. One needs to put in time and effort to choose a gift that shows how much you value their relationship. Their golden wedding anniversary can be an inspiration for the youth in the family. Celebration of 50 years of togetherness is a wonderful occasion that not many couples get to experience.. Keep reading for our top gift ideas. 

1. Sponsor a trip to their dream destination

Not many couples are lucky enough to reach their 50th wedding anniversary. For those who do, it’s a huge feat which deserves celebration. 50 years is a long time for a couple to achieve most of their goals. But there are always some wishes that remain unfulfilled. Your task as a giver in the family is to find out what’s yet to be achieved like their dream destination. Maybe they’ve always wanted to visit Paris after watching Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (1963) or the Godard movie Breathless (1960) but something always hindered their plans. Seize this opportunity and as their 50th wedding anniversary gift book them tickets to Egypt or wherever their dream destination is.

2. LP record for the music-loving couple

Maybe the couple loves music and has a gramophone that they’ve inherited from their forefathers and are not willing to let go. The children might be insisting on selling the device at a good price but the couple refuses. If you are affluent you can be the couple’s savior by gifting them a set of LP records. You just need to find out about the gramophone’s vinyl record requirements. Surprise them with an Elvis Presley or Beatles debut album. You can get a copy for approximately $1,000. Place the disc and get them dancing on their anniversary!

3. Photo album

You need some research on the subject of the couple’s photos. Be discreet about the process so you don’t end up ruining the surprise. Dig up some old photos and check if they need any preservative measures. Make sure that you keep them in a cool, dark and dry place. You can use a photo album or simply use an archival box. Decorate the box and write down the year of the images. Eventually, the box can be transferred to the next generation for safekeeping. 

4. Go for gold!

There can’t be a better gift on a golden wedding anniversary than a pair of classic gold earrings and cufflinks. Get a pair of gorgeous gold knot earrings for the lady to signify their relationship and the 50-year milestone. Gold-plated cufflinks for the man will be a reminder of the special occasion every time he wears them. Using the same symbol or pattern unifies them as a couple sharing one bond.

5. Family tree

When you gift the golden anniversary couple a family tree, it can move them to happy tears. You being a member of the family can clearly map down the members and relations that’ll appear on the family tree. You can get the tree engraved on a brass plaque.  This stunning piece of decor is sure to ignite curiosity of visitors.

A couple that has stood the test of time deserves a hearty congratulations. The above gift ideas can make the golden anniversary couple feel special!