Top generated steam irons…

Steam generator irons are attached to a large tank with a boiler that quickly heats up the water, creating high levels of steam pressure.

This means that when you press the trigger on the iron, it pushes powerful bursts of steam through the soleplate, saving lots of time and perfect for those who like to get through that ironing pile as quickly as possible.

We have found two great steam generated irons – both available from Robert Dyas.

Tefal Fasteo SV6020 Steam Generator Iron – Purple…

Power through the laundry pile with this fantastic steam generator iron from Tefal. It’s a pressurised model, so you’ll have no trouble removing those really tough creases, and the ceramic soleplate will glide over lots of different fabrics easily too.

The super-quick 2 minute heat-up time means you won’t have to wait long to get to work, and thanks to the handy vertical steam option, smoothing our creases in your hanging garments is simple as well. This model also has anti-scale technology that prevents the build-up of limescale, so your iron will stay in perfect working order.

Get through thicker fabrics or remove particularly stubborn creases with the steam boost function, which provides an extra burst of powerful steam.

Care for delicate fabrics and freshen up your favourite outfit last minute with the vertical steaming function, which makes it easy to remove creases from light fabrics like silk.

The super smooth ceramic soleplate provides an effortless glide over all kinds of fabrics, while the anti-scale cartridge is the answer to hassle-free and reliable maintenance, leading to a longer life for your iron.

Other handy features include a safety lock, cord storage and a compact design for a quick clear-away.

Features and Benefits

  • Remove stubborn creases – pressurised for extra powerful crease removal.
  • Easy to use – ceramic soleplate glides easily over all fabrics.
  • Quick – heats up in just 2 minutes.
  • Vertical steaming – easily steam curtains and hanging garments.
  • Limescale filter – clever technology prevents build-up of limescale.

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Philips GC6704/36 Speedcare Steam Generator – Purple…

The Philips Speedcare Steam Generator is compact and lightweight, providing powerful continuous steam, the PerfectCare compact gernator iron makes fast work fo all your ironing.

With a strong, continuous steam tackles even the thickest fabrics with ease. Watch stubborn creases melt away with an extra steam boost just where you need it. This extra steam is perfect for vertical steaming to refresh clothes and curtains, too.

Comes with a built-in descaling system, Smart Calc Clean, reminds you when you need to descale. It also includes a container to make descaling easy. This means no cartridges are required and there are no additional costs.

Our durable ceramic soleplate glides well on all garments. It is non-stick, scratch-resistant and simple to keep clean.

A 1.3-litre transparent tank gives you more than 1 hour of continuous use. See clearly how much water is left and refill easily at any time under the tap through the large filling door.

The lightweight, compact size is perfect for storage and fits conveniently on your ironing board. Exclusive ProVelocity technology makes our steam generators smaller and more compact than ever.

Features and Benefits

  • Iron faster with 2 x more steam – max 5.2 bar pump pressure, Up to 200 g steam boost and a 1.3-l fixed water tank.
  • Powerful steam action – for ultimate crease removal.
  • Calc-clean container included  – no cartridges, no extra cost.
  • Ceramic soleplate – for durability and easy gliding.
  • Lightweight and compact – for easy use and storage.

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