Top Cities in Europe for Weekend Getaways

Europe has a history that extends back over two thousand years and is home to pretty much everything. There are well-known towns like Venice, Paris, and Rome, but there are also lesser-known places that are small enough to tour in only a few days and are sure to provide a good time. Still, you cannot tour all the cities all at once. For that reason, we have made a list of the top five cities you should consider visiting in Europe. But before we get to that;

How to Plan a City Trip?

Planning a city trip is not always easy. You need to prepare and make the right choices; otherwise, you will not enjoy the trip as you should. First, you need to pick a destination. Then, you must decide how long you will stay in the city. You can decide to visit a new city every day, or you can visit only one city but explore it exhaustively. be sure to book flight or train tickets. To make your trip even more enticing, you can plan how you will spend every day while you are in the cities. Finally, pack diligently and make necessary adjustments, and you can begin the trip.

How to Choose a Perfect City?

  • There is nothing like a perfect city. What may be perfect for you may not be ideal for another one. Therefore, you’ve got to choose your perfect city. Here are a few tips to help you choose the most suitable city:
  • It is difficult to say whether a traveler is a forest or beach person. To understand how to plan a trip successfully, it is essential to choose the appropriate place based on the season.
  • Determine the optimal time to visit each destination. Typically, the optimal seasons for visiting beaches and mountains are pretty distinct.
  • Cost should be considered when selecting a place. Some locations are more fun than others. Shoulder season travel to a luxury resort might result in substantial hotel and airfare reductions.
  • Before embarking on a journey, travelers’ safety should be paramount.
  • A destination’s accessibility, or lack thereof, might also influence a traveler’s decision to visit or not. Generally, the most popular destinations have an abundance of regular flights, trains, and roadway infrastructure to accommodate the flood of tourists.

The 5 Best Weekend Getaways in Europe

  • Here is our recommendation for the best cities to visit in Europe for weekend gateways:

Athens, Greece.

Originally cantered on the hilltop fortification Acropolis in the fifth century B.C., the Greek capital has since expanded into a sprawling metropolitan mass with gritty charm. Spend the morning navigating the Parthenon’s collapsing columns and the afternoon enjoying politically charged street art. Travel to the beaches along the Attica coast to escape the heat. Make sure not to miss visiting the Panathenaic Stadium. The stadium was constructed in AD143 but went into ruins. Years later, it was excavated, and in 1896, the Olympics were held there.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is a grand dame of Europe aspiring to be the world’s most beautiful city. Many stunning settings are reflected in the River Danube, which divides steep, medieval Buda, and vibrant Pest. Budapest’s hot springs have made thermal baths attractive, and visitors can’t get enough of them. Relax at 16th-century Rudas or party at Szechenyi, and don’t miss to visit Buda Castle’s courtyards.

Paris, France

Paris is the world’s most romantic city, whether you’re walking along the Seine or enjoying Chocolat Chaud. Stroll through Montmartre, where painters set up easels, or spend a day at the Louvre. Paris has world-class shopping, from antique shops to luxury boutiques on the Champs Elysées. Admire art nouveau facades and enter a world of effortless charm. You can travel from London to Paris by bus, train, or flight.

Lisbon, Portugal

This undervalued European city was a 15th-century launchpad for adventurers. Lisbon’s trendy pubs and restaurants have transformed Bairro Alto and Principe Real into open-air parties, but the city’s dusty art nouveau venues are still enticing. Belem has Unesco-listed artifacts, while Sao Jorge Castle overlooks the azulejo-tiled Portuguese capital. Be sure to explore Alfama, the city’s oldest neighborhood.

Florence, Italy

Renaissance-era Florence continually produces art. Botticelli, Michelangelo, and da Vinci are displayed at world-class Florence galleries and museums, and current art collectives exist around the Arno River. Climb one of Florence’s hills to see Brunelleschi’s terracotta-tiled Duomo, or visit a rooftop bar at a boutique hotel. Visit Sant’Ambrogio’s open-air food market and head to the countryside for day adventures.