Top 5 things to get you ready for the big move

2020, the year of uncertainty and change. With a rocky start to the year, many have decided to take a leap and implement huge changes within their day to day lives. Whether this is a new career, taking up a new hobby, changing your lifestyle for the better or with the help of the government announcement of no stamp duty, moving home.

The big move is never an appealing thought. It’s known to be one of the most stressful things to ever go through. However, with no stamp duty fees, the real estate world has never been so busy.

If you’ve recently sold, or you’re moving into your first home, follow our top 5 steps on making your move as easy as possible.

1. Change round all your utility bills before the move

 Make sure that your utility bills are changed when you have your move-in date set. You don’t want this to be a task that must be completed when you move in, as there will be higher priority jobs on your list. Set some time aside in an evening and ensure that these are completed within goodtime. For most companies, it’s as simple as following their moving home instructions and simply adding in your new address. One thing to check when making your suppliers aware of your move is to make a note of your metre, you don’t want to be paying for the new owner’s water or gas. Finally, be sure to add your bank and any subscriptions you may have onto this list, you don’t want your letters going to the new owners or tenants nor do you want them accepting your monthly subscriptions!

2. Book your van hire

Whilst this is something that can often be booked at the last minute, it can sometimes lead to paying higher costs or even not being able to book anything at all! Whether you’re wanting a man with a van, or you’re looking to do it yourself and go for a self van hire, make sure to do your research of each company beforehand and run a comparison on costs between your local suppliers. You’ll need reliability on your moving day, especially when it comes to your transport.

3. Be organised

Likely to be one of the key points when moving home and one that ties into all of these points. Take some time to simply be organised, whether that is booking yourself time to change your bills around, booking your rental van hire, or even ensuring that you have enough boxes for packing. Being organised can also help with your packing, by writing on each box which room they will need to go in will help with your unpacking and save you from having to empty each box to find out where it belongs. If possible, book off a few days from work to help you keep on track, there’s nothing worse than rushing around, especially if you’re on a tight schedule.

When you do start your packing, a good place to begin is to box up the least used rooms, this way you’ll know you won’t need to empty a box to find something. It’s always a good time to sell off or give away any unwanted or unused items, clearing the way for a new start.

4. Research your new area

Get ahead of yourself and search your area, for example, for the nearest store, you’ll need it when you have no milk and need that coffee! Have a look at when your bins need to go out, something that you won’t want to miss, especially when you’ll likely have extra rubbish from the move. Finally, look into your council tax, each area is different and could be either a saving or a high cost to your current band, it’s good to have an idea what you’ll be paying when you move. Alternatively, if you have a handful of questions, ask the current owner to leave you a list of your answered questions to help you.

5. Register to vote

Something that many can forget to do, however, you won’t automatically be registered when you move, so you will have to re-register each member who is of the correct age in your household on the website. Registering to vote not only allows you to have your say in the community, but it can also help to boost your credit score, as credit reference agencies use the register to confirm addresses to help protect us against fraud.

Following these simple 5 steps can help you move with ease and allow you to enjoy this time as opposed to feeling slightly swamped by tasks. So, pack up your belongings, get organised and enjoy your new beginning.

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