Top 5 countries to visit in spring

No doubt everybody is tired of long and cold winters even if there is no snow in your country and you don’t have to wear 3 sweaters and 2 pairs of socks in case you don’t want to catch a cold. Spring is always a time for new life, the sun shines more often, even people look happier, don’t you think so? It is also a good time to have some rest after winter and prepare yourself for a new working season. Here are 5 countries which you can visit in the springtime.

UAE is famous for its warm and sunny weather all round the year, but it is spring that is the perfect season to have a vacation. In comparison with super hot summers in spring the climate is mild and the sea is already warm enough for sunbathing. There is so much to see in this city: palaces, skyscrapers, deserts, amusement parks and of course Dubai Mall – the largest shopping center in the whole world! In Dubai, it is very easy and convenient to use car rental services, it saves time and money and also gives you the possibility to travel around the city whenever you need. Car rentals are getting extremely popular thanks to its easy usage, mobility and an impressive choice of cars, from the SUVs to the VIP and sportscars. Dubai Ferrari rental will cost you less than a whole day of taxi rides. Such a ride definitely will make unforgettable memories.

The landscapes of Greece cannot but impress with their beauty. Greece you can find everything, from fishing villages with white houses and stone-paved streets to golden beaches with exotic plants. The cuisine of Greece is definitely worth your attention, at least you need to try the famous Greek salad. In spring, the vacation season begins, but prices are still quite low and there are not so many tourists. Here is a little tip: when planning a holiday in Greece, diversify your trip and visit several islands, each one is unique and needs to be seen.

If you are planning your vacation in March or April Thailand is another great option. There is practically no rain and the season begins at the end of March, the water temperature in the sea already reaches +28° C! If you like to lie on the beach and eat the most delicious tom yam and dragon fruit – you definitely need to come here! Surfing and scooter rides are popular activities here, and of course photos at sunset by the sea will make your followers on instagram a little bit jealous.

For lovers of bright and colorful holidays, we recommend going to Spain. Spring in Spain is the season of festivals. Visit the March festival of giant papier-mache dolls in Valencia. In the end of winter starts a truly magical period in Spain. Spring is the time of the awakening of nature and the flowering of almond trees. We need to warn you that there is quite a lot of rain in March, the average temperature is +20° C. The number of sunny days increases In May, at this time you can go to resorts along the coasts of the country.

In spring, you will hardly be able to swim in the Black Sea in Georgia, but you will definitely be able to enjoy hiking in the mountains. Well, after that you can get acquainted with the local cuisine, it is very rich here, national pastries, lamb and the most delicious wines. You can spend literally a whole day at the local market, where you can buy beautiful fabrics, carpets, jewellery, spices and much more. Do not waste time, book tickets faster and pack your bags, of course, do not forget to take your camera with you!