Top 5 Celebrity Teeth Transformations

Within the realm of Hollywood and magazines, it is majorly important that you have a smile that stands out in every photo, however, many believe that this is not achievable if you do not have sufficient funds to do so. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. With emergency dentist London offering you amazing services at a time to suit you, you can have an outstanding smile in just a couple of visits making this dream more achievable. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the top 5 celebrity teeth transformations in recent years!

Morgan Freeman

With lots of pressure to look perfect when you are being photographed, it is no surprise that superstars such as Morgan Freeman have worked hard to improve the appearance of their teeth. With straightening being one of the main causes of people straightening their teeth, the celeb smile is perfectly straight. Whether this is through the use of Invisalign or veneers we can never be certain, however, one thing is certain; we know that Morgan Freeman is up there with the best of celebrity teeth transformations.

Miley Cyrus

This Disney star grew up in front of the world when staring at the hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana at the age of 13, however, like many young children, she was in the growing stages with her teeth only really beginning to settle in. This meant that the star had an adorable smile as a child that made her appear approachable, but, when the show finished in 2011 the star quickly began to change her image and opted to get her teeth straightened. This not only helped her to appear more grown up, helping her shed the Disney image but later became a staple for her when posing for photos.

David Beckham

Noticeably one of the most shocking teeth transformations on this list, David Beckham has been in the spotlight since making his debut in Manchester United and playing for England. With amazing hair and equally amazing football skills, he was adored by millions, however, his teeth were anything but picture perfect! Although this was not a problem for this superstar footballer, he has since had his teeth straightened and whitened to give him his signature superstar smile that he has today!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Another famous footballer on this list, the former sexiest man alive Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t always had his picture-perfect smile. At the beginning of his career, he had anything but the perfect smile. However, this did not affect the way he performed out on the field., The superstar footballer underwent a transformation to help his teeth become whiter, allowing him to steal the hearts of a nation with a single smile. When you couple the gleaming smile with the athleticism of this player, it is no surprise that multiple brands are chomping at the bit to have him as the face of their brand!

Kendal Jenner

Arguably one of the most famous 22-year-olds on the planet, Kendal Jenner has grown up in the eyes of the world due to her extremely famous family. The success of keeping up with the Kardashian saw this teen propelled into the spotlight opening her up to a new and unusual world. However, like the rest of us, there are elements that we all wish to change about ourselves. Although this star was photo ready at all times. Much like the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner family, Kendal later went on to have very minimal dental work, whitening and straightening her teeth to give her the smile that we are used to seeing in magazines across the globe.

With a simple trip to the dentist, it is possible for anyone to have the very best smile like their favourite celebrities however it does not have to come with an expensive price tag. See the results for yourself today!