Tips to Store Your Wine at Home

What do you do when you buy wine and are not planning on drinking right away? Or you have started collecting wine; the only thing you need is a safe place to store your wine bottles. When it comes to collecting wine, the place is not the only thing you need there are several other things that you should know.

Let’s first discuss the place that you need for your wine collection. For instance, many wine enthusiasts’ collections quickly expand, and they require more space. This is where they need to create wine storage or wine cellar and wine racks. And if you are wondering where to buy wine racks or which kind of racks you should buy, then you are not alone. With so many wine rack sizes and styles from oak wine racks to all other wine holders, we prepared a guide to help you with choosing wine storage space. Moreover, we have some effective tips that you should know to keep your wine collection safe until you drink them.

1.    Guide to Choose a Wine Rack

Once one has started to collect wines, the collector has to find a place where he/she can store all the bottles. For some, collectors who keep their limited collection wine cooler units are enough, yet for the others who are enthusiasts, oak wine racks are the best place to store their wine collection.

So whenever you think about collecting wine, first figure out how much wine you want to store. The answer simply depends on the amount and wine type you prefer to drink. Some types of wine bottles may not fit in the standard size wine racks. For instance, Magnum bottles are larger in size than stranded Bordeaux bottles, and they need larger space.

2.    Where to Buy Your Wine Rack

Getting a wine rack is what you need for your collection in order to store the bottle and safe wine until you drink them. There are a lot more materials, and structures available in the market, but getting the one that suits your needs and adding a statement to decorate your place is not easy. But investing in oak wine racks is what comes handy for all types of collections. It depends on whether you want to construct your wine rack on your own or you want to buy it. Nowadays, even different companies are selling them online with high quality but at affordable prices.

3.    How to Keep Your Wine Safe

Keep the bottles cool

Heat or temperature higher than 70° F can age your wine quickly. And if you have saved your wine bottle where the temperature is high, your wine will get cooked, resulting in flat flavours and aromas. So make sure you are giving the accurate temperature to your collection, which is not warmer or cooler.

Keep the Lights Off

Sunlight and other artificial lights can damage your wine collection storage. The UV rays can prematurely age the wine collection. Household light might not damage wine, but try to keep the lights dim where you have stored wine.

Protect from Humidity

Like heat and light, you also need to control the humidity level. Keep the humidity level between fifty to eighty percent as it is considered safe for your collection. Furthermore, extremely moist conditions can promote mold. So by installing a dehumidifier, one can fix these problems.