Tips For Being an Eco-Friendly Woman

Living in today’s day and age means we have to be careful about the environment. The planet is already in the bad state as it is, and since humans are already consuming more than it’s okay, living a more eco-friendly life is one of the solutions that we all should look into. 

But, when you’re a woman, you’re also dealing with a wide variety of issues on a regular basis. Adopting some eco-friendly lifestyle habits and principles might be difficult at first, but it’s also beneficial to the environment and can also be beneficial for you. Hence, here are some tips that will help you become a happy, fulfilled eco-friendly woman 

First, declutter your space

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to embrace minimalism, but in order to determine what you need, it’s important to declutter your space first. That includes your wardrobe and all the storage boxes that you haven’t touched for ages. Basically, anything that you don’t need nor use should be discarded, however, before you do that, it’s crucial to make sure that you won’t need any of those items in the future. And in case you don’t feel like throwing away all those things, then consider renting a storage box, or even better, donate them to those who might need it more than you.

Thrift shopping is your friend

Shopping can often be a perfect cure, but keep in mind that spending too much money on fast fashion is mainly contributing to the problem, rather than solving it. And if you love to shop for new clothes and other interesting stuff, including furniture and accessories, then it’s much better to do it by visiting various thrift shops in your area. That also includes antique stores and independent sellers who sell their used goods online. 

Reconsider how you view periods 

Periods are important, and no woman should feel embarrassed because of them. But, the pollution caused by discarded pads and tampons is becoming worse, which is why it would be smart to reconsider the way you view periods. Opting for sustainable menstrual products such as period underwear or menstrual cup is a much better and cleaner alternative to commercial products that are adding to the pollution. However, if you’re aiming to make a transition to eco-friendly period products, be sure to do slowly, so you’ll be able to get used to them properly. 

Be smart when buying cosmetic products

The beauty industry is also responsible for the big chunk of plastic pollution, so if you’re aiming to live a greener lifestyle, then you should be smart when buying and using cosmetic products. Shopping in bulk is great, as it requires less packaging and waste, so if possible, try buying larger packages of your favourite products. That way, you’ll definitely create less waste and pollution. Additionally, if you wear makeup, then it’s best to choose reusable makeup wipes that can be washed, instead of makeup wipes. 

Support small businesses 

Sure, there’s something amazing about buying from a big brand, but if you truly want to help the environment, then supporting small businesses is always the right choice. Buying from local shops and business owners is a great environmental solution, as it doesn’t require much transport and also, pollution. Plus, you’ll be helping businesses close to you, which will also boost the local economy. 


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is a nice way to give back to the environment by spending and consuming less. These tips will definitely help you get started, however, keep in mind that you should do things slowly, without rushing in. Make sure to research the topics related to sustainability, so you’ll be able to make the best choices that will have a positive impact both on your life and the environment.