The World’s First Breast Pump Shaped Around You

Medela unveils its brand-new, research-based, Flex™ Technology to provide maximum comfort and more milk.

The first ever breast pump to adapt to mums’ natural breast shape launches this May. Introducing Medela Flex™ the latest technology from the world leading breastfeeding brand that is clinically proven to get 11% more milk.

The new Medela Flex™ is a unique oval-shaped breast shield that can be rotated 360°. The exciting development will ensure mums can truly find the right position to suit their individual shape when expressing. Thanks to the thoughtfully designed soft and flexible rim, the new design also provides a comfortable and effective seal.

Compared to the standard 90°, the innovative Medela Flex™ has a breast shield opening angle of 105°. This new design provides a more flexible fit to best support women with breasts of varying shapes and sizes. Not only does this new design offer a truly personal fit for mums, the new shape also reduces pressure and allows the milk to flow more freely.

Like every product from the award-winning brand, the new Medela Flex™, which is available in 4 sizes, was developed following extensive research. A team of scientists conducted four clinical studies with breastfeeding mums. Across more than 1,000 pumping sessions, they proved this iconic new shape not only delivered more comfort, but was significantly more efficient, yielding up to 11% more milk per session compared to the standard breast shield.

Available in both the Swing Flex™ and Swing Maxi Flex™, the 100% BPA free design, provides a closed system to protect from over flow and allowing mum to pump in whatever position she chooses.

“Getting the right breast shield is key to efficient and comfortable pumping” says Sioned Hilton, inhouse lactation consultant at Medela UK. “At Medela we are committed to developing the very best, research-based technology to support breastfeeding mothers. Following many years closely analysing how mums are pumping we have been able to create this new and improved breast shield.”

Thanks to Medela Flex™, mums are promised a more comfortable and more efficient pumping experience, with a product personalised to them!

RRP: Swing Flex| £139.99 |Swing Maxi Flex| £249.99

Stockists:, Boots, John Lewis, Amazon, Mothercare and M&P from the end of June.

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