The Value of SEO Services to Small Businesses in the UK

Whether talking about higher rent from a slightly larger office facility vs using remote workers and skipping the office expansion, or trying to streamline the monthly business expenses, costs matter. This especially true for small businesses that don’t usually have as much access to capital as larger ones with multiple funding options and potential investors available.

Therefore, when looking for ways to propel a business forward in the digital world, search engine optimisation (SEO) services must provide value to be justifiable.

Focus on SEO Services Likely to Deliver the Best ROI?

What SEO services will deliver the highest ROI? Indeed, should SEO results override ROI?

It’s a good question to ask an agency like Big Surf Digital that offers a variety of services to companies with new websites or mature clients that are looking to change representation.

With the level of expertise available to Big Surf, they’re perfectly placed to provide insight into what’s  working today and still delivering a high ROI.

Time Duration Planning with SEO

Companies looking for a promising ROI also look at results over different periods:

  1. Short-term for almost immediate gains
  2. Medium-term for 6 month+ improvements
  3. Long-term for multi YoY growth

Let’s examine this now:

Short-term Results

Search engine optimisation is not usually something that happens overnight, if only for the fact that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo won’t change the ranking for particular search terms that quickly.

New Sites Deliver Slower Ranking Changes

Newer websites see the search engine’s spider crawler visit far less frequently to check for updates. This includes looking for new backlinks pointing at either the home page or inner pages on the site which may change the relative ranking for some search terms.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversation rate optimisation (CRO) is one of the best ways to get fast results for a website. The idea is to take the existing traffic being received and to do more with that. For instance, CRO can improve the landing page to create a higher conversion for sales or boost newsletter opt-in rates, or whatever desired visitor action is required.

By making tweaks to the existing design and functionality of a website, it’s possible to improve the conversion rate by a significant percentage. This increases the value of each visitor and lays the groundwork for what is to come.

Medium-term Results

For medium-term results, link building is an ideal solution.

Whatever you perceive “medium-term” to be in terms of weeks or months, it allows sufficient time to have built some quality links, have the search engines notice them, and to see changes in the rankings too.

Better-quality backlinks that relate more closely to the relevant niche or industry don’t appear overnight. The relationships with relevant sites take time to cultivate and nurture. Without doing so, only lower-quality links are possible. These tend to link out too frequently and risk gaining a penalty down the line.

Indeed, it’s better to be patient to obtain links from lesser-used sources along with a smattering of ones from high demand sources that don’t become available often.

Long-term Results

Multi-year results are the focus of companies that are in it for the duration. Whilst quick results are sometimes welcomed, they shouldn’t be to the detriment of the website’s backlink profile where speed overrides quality.

Why is this?

Because quality or lack thereof is easy to spot in a site’s backlink profile when looking back on their SEO strategy over time. This is true of competitors and equally so of Google who may take a dislike to the SEO practices adopted through short-termism.

Therefore, a longer perspective maintains a keen eye on quality at all times; less concern is shown to early results.

Single Duration Focus or Divide and Conquer?

With the different options with SEO services, it begs the question of whether a company should look strictly short-term, look only long-term with their SEO activities, or pitch somewhere in the middle?

The best answer is that some services such as CRO and social media marketing can deliver pleasing results without needing to wait many months to receive them.

Also, for agencies that already have relationships with strong websites, then it’s possible to get new backlinks within a fairly short period.

However, beyond that, a longer, multi-year focus is best. Doing so along with an emphasis on getting results through high-quality SEO practices (instead of short-term strategies that tend to crash and burn or get frowned upon later) is critical. Otherwise, it can create a troubling history of questionable backlinking that returns to hurt the site later should it get hit with a manual penalty from Google for “unnatural backlinking”.

It’s best not to hurry with SEO. Old hands know that it needs to be pursued diligently and not be rushed to get the best from it. In so doing, that delivers the best ROI.