The ultimate pregnancy pillow

The premium Mother&Baby Organic Cotton 12ft 3-in-1 Maternity Pillow (PU) provides comfort and support for your bump, back and knees whilst pregnant and after pregnancy.

It helps mum get a pleasant sleep and when baby is born, it can also be used as a feeding pillow by ensuring baby is at a suitable height and reducing weight for mum for more comfortable feeding times.

The pillow provides support in the most important places; the back, bump and hips. It’s mainly for use at night, it is the perfect support helping to achieve a good nights sleep.


“Trying to sleep at any stage during your pregnancy can be a real pain, particularly in your back, knees, ankles, pelvis and of course, your ever-expanding tummy.

This pillow offers everything you’re craving for a good nights sleep.

Due to the fact it hugs you from two sides- you can chose to sleep on either without having to worry about moving your pillow. Especially for those toss and turn moments at those later stages!

It comes with its own pillow case which is easy to wash and it cleverly contours around your body to aid a comfortable night’s sleep.

There are plenty of cushions that can double-up as a nursing pillow and this one is no exception, giving you greater use.

And then there’s the price tag – unlike some pregnancy purchases, this one won’t give you nightmares.

Do I need a pregnancy pillow?

It really depends on if you are sleeping or not? All too often lack of sleep, constant loo trips and internal heat issues are enough to drive any pregnant women mad, without adding a sore an aching back in to the equation.

These pillows are even great if you are sitting and watch TV and just need some extra support.

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