The top five benefits of buying a smart TV

Smart TVs are hot commodities at the moment, packed with excellent features they’ve made non-smart TVs look immediately antiquated.

It’s also been easy to get muddled with what is and what isn’t a smart TV. Not all 4K TVs are smart while 24-inch 720p TVs can be, it all boils down to whether the TV features internet connectivity and supports applications. If it does then it’s a smart TV. 

So, whether you’re after a 43-inch smart TV for your living room or even just a small TV for the bedroom, let us explain why you should upgrade to a smart TV.

Stream your favourite shows

One of the best reasons for getting a smart TVs is that it allows you to stream hours and hours of content with ease.

Everything from Netflix and Disney+ to ESPN and BritBox can potentially be accessed for thousands of hours of TV and films you can stream at any time you want. There are also catch-up services that allow you to stream recently broadcast content for free,

It’s not just TVs and films you can stream either, platforms like YouTube are supported by most smart TVs which gives you even more content to watch.

Just be warned that not every TV features every app so be sure to check what options are included. Most will offer Netflix, Amazon Prime and catch-up services (like BBC’s iPlayer) but for anything that’s missing, a streaming device can be purchased to cover all bases.

Voice recognition

Yes that’s right, there’ll be no pressing buttons on a remote to change the channel or adjust the volume, some smart TVs support voice recognition that means you’ll be able to say what you want the TV to do and it’ll happily oblige.

Look for smart TVs that advertise Alexa, Google Assistant or Bixby as these are the most popular voice. If you have other smart home tech (like an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant), you’ll be able to pair it with your smart TV too.

Streamline your devices

There’s no longer the need to own separate devices stored underneath your TV to play DVDs or record shows. As smart TVs remove the need to play physical disks and catchup services have rendered TV recorders to the history books, it means you won’t need a shelf filled with metal boxes anymore.

In fact, the only extremal device you may still need will be a games console, decluttering your TV stand and banishing that wire pile of spaghetti behind the TV to the loft for a much cleaner look.

They’re filled with the latest tech and developments

Premium smart TVs will often be right at the cutting edge of what’s commercially available. Both 4 and 8K picture quality is common for larger TV sizes while advanced audio technology, HDR (better colour contrast) and clever energy efficient designs. Even smaller smart TVs can feature LED displays HDR, ideal for streaming content in the best quality possible.

Smart TVs can also receive online updates to keep them up to date with the latest features and fix any errors that may be present, perfect for ensuring product longevity.

Surf the web

Beyond being able to stream content, smart TVs also support internet browsers that mean you’ll able to use a TV to check the weather, news and even do some shopping. While navigation won’t be as straightforward as a computer, it is possible and a neat extra feature.