The secret to keeping perky…

We all know there’s no magic pill to make your boobs bigger, your butt tighter or your cellulite melt away. But, while Mother Natures doesn’t always bless us with the curves we’d really like, she does give us plenty of natural ingredients to help enhance our greatest assets!

Did you know, for example, that e’lifexir Natural Beauty Push-Up Breast Toning and Firming Cream uses Centella asiatica leaf extract to increase the firmness and elasticity of skin? And natural fruit waters help protect the skin and help keep it fully hydrated.

What’s more, there is Oleoresin, a resin extracted from a tree called Guggul, native to India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, and which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. We use it to add volume to the skin and to leave it feeling plump. Finally, we add Scotch thistle extract to stimulate the skin’s regeneration process. So, no, it won’t give you two more cup sizes, but it will tone, firm and plump up your breasts to leave them looking and feeling that little bit perkier.

Or perhaps you fancy a bit more of a Brazilian beach bum for your tush? Then you’ll want the e’lifexir Natural Beauty Push-up Buttocks Sculpting Gel. This wonder gel helps redefine your natural curves, with maté, a plant from South America which stimulates circulation with its naturally-occurring caffeine, and stevia, better known as a sugar substitute, but which also helps smooth out the skin. Once again, Scotch thistle is added to help improve cell renewal and protect collagen. Black elder extract helps to improve microcirculation and decongestion of skin tissue around the buttocks, leaving it firmer and smoother. And finally, the natural fruit waters, such as cranberry, cherry and orange, which are are rich in vitamin C add protective benefits to skin. Shake your bootie, baby!


Then, there’s that pesky cellulite. Most of us have it. It’s a fairly natural part of being a woman (damnit!) but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to reduce the appearance. And that’s where e’lifexir Natural Beauty Bodylift Anti-Cellulite and Lifting Cream can help.

But first, why do we get cellulite? The exact cause of cellulite is unknown, but it appears to result from an interaction between the connective tissue in the dermatological layer that lies below the surface of the skin, and the layer of fat that is just below it. In women, the fat cells and connective tissue in this layer are arranged vertically and when those fat cells show under that layer of skin, it gives the appearance of orange peel. So, anything that helps smooth this area can also help reduce the lumpy, bumpy effect. The Bodylift cream contains sundews leaf, a carnivorous plant, which helps to smooth the skin. Then there is dragon eye, another tree, this time found in SE Asia, which helps protect the skin tissue and improves its natural texture. Black elder extract helps to improve microcirculation and decongestion of skin tissue, leaving it looking firmer and plumper.

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