The May Day…

Rum Cocktail…

Rum is such an evocative spirit. It transforms, transcends and instantly transports the drinker to the sun-washed shores of the West Indies.

This one is an interesting blend of fresh fruit flavours with a rum and apple juice base, perfect for sunny days in the garden or evenings on the terrace. The recipe makes two highball drinks.


• 2 ripe peaches, pitted roughly chopped

• 1 part rum

• 4 strawberries, cubed

• flesh and seeds of 2 passion fruit

• 4 ounces cloudy apple juice

• 1 Tablespoon superfine sugar

• 2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger

crushed ice

• Apple fans for garnish


1. Blend all the ingredients together with crushed ice.

2. Pour the mix equally into two highball glasses.

3. Garnish with an apple fan.

Recipe Courtesy: Metro Marche