The importance of the right hairbrush…

Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist from Philip Kingsley on the importance of having the right hair brush for you to use.


Use a smaller brush to add body to your roots. A more compact surface area allows you to easily and gently manipulate your stands. For styling, Maplewood is ideal as it is lightweight, making it less cumbersome to hold.


Look for a brush with widely spaced pins. Pins that are farther apart are better for your hair, as they gently grip strands without pulling them. Widely space pins also allow for smoother detangling than those that are closely grouped together. Detangling with a gentle brush is important, as harsher ones are a very common cause of hair breakage.


Flexible, plastic prongs are kind to your strands as they don’t heat up like metal ones, and their bendiness allows them to move with your hair, rather than tear through it. Philip Kingsley plastic prongs are also anti-static, which discourages frizz formation as you style. In terms of the shape of the prongs, rounded are best as they are gentle on your scalp and hair cuticle. Harsh tips, as found on boar bristle brushes, can scratch the scalp and tear away sections of the hair’s outermost layer, which can leave your ends split and the inner cortex weak and exposed.


A soft, cushioned base helps ensure only gentle pressure is placed on the scalp, reducing the likelihood of irritation. Your scalp influences the health of your hair, so keeping it in good condition is key to any haircare routine.


Your hair can burn just like your skin – you simply can’t feel it! This makes a vented brush invaluable when styling as it allows for rapid heat dispersal and a faster drying time. All of these minimize the risk of heat-damage, helping to ensure that strands retain their moisture and remain healthy and elastic.

Getting the best hair brush for your hair…

Philip Kingsley Range…

Style your hair professionally and gently with the Philip Kingsley hair brush range. The line offers definitive solutions for all hair types and desired styles.

Cleverly constructed from lightweight maple wood for durability and ease of use, these unique vented brushes can be used for general grooming or blow-drying. Strategically placed holes permit heat to disperse quickly, allowing hair to dry faster and more evenly as its exposure to intense heat is reduced. The cushioned brushes ensure gentle pressure whilst the rounded pins are widely spaced to grip without tangling.

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T3 Haircare…

The T3 range of brushes are separated into 3 SKU’s – the Volume Round Brush collection, Smooth Paddle Brush and Dry Vent Brush.

The Volume Round Brush collection are (as the name would suggest), a collection of round brushes. The brush barrels are a combination of aluminium with a ceramic coating, which are designed to add extra body, volume and shine.

The barrel is also infused with tourmaline also helps to reduce frizz and retains heat to shape and style the hair. Nylon bristles help to grip the hair and smooth it down while the vents in the brush allow air to flow freely through the brush. There are 3 different sizes – 2 inch, 2.5 inch and 3 inch.

Smooth Paddle Brush – a flat paddle brush which has heat resistant nylon bristles and a cushioned body to help to gently detangle and smooth a wide area of hair.

Dry Vent Brush – a vented smaller brush – the gaps work with your dryer to speed up your drying time while the wide bristles help to style and detangle. Again, the nylon heat resistant bristles smooth the hair and the tourmaline and ceramic surface heats up helping to give shine and smooth the hair.

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Pretty Little Thing…

Perfect for your handbag this tangle teaser brush is perfect for ladies on the go!

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