The history of online casinos – from the first live casino to today

Online casinos have been popular since the early 2000s, with digital versions of age-old pastimes like Bingo, Roulette, and Blackjack being made available by just a click of button. Live casino didn’t come into the mix until the last decade or so, but has already sky-rocketed in popularity, and shot straight to the top of the list.

Long gone are the days of having to go down to your local brick-and-mortar casino, or travel to one of the world’s top casino hubs, like Las Vegas – which have consequently seen a decline in footfall since the creation of online casinos – just to have a flurry on your favourite game. You can be dealt cards by real dealers in Blackjack, or have a live croupier spin the Roulette wheel, just by going onto an app on your smartphone. With that in mind, let’s take a look back at the history of the live casino – starting from where it all began!

The first live online casino

Online casinos give you the opportunity to play classic games online in ways you’d never imagine. The technology and graphics – especially those used in Slots – are now second to none, but the creation of live casino games brought the whole experience to the next level.

In today’s world you can play various games live online, from Baccarat to Spin & Win, but that wasn’t the case when the marvellous creation was first introduced. The first live casino only had one dealer and a single table, which meant only one thing, and only one game – Blackjack! And because of this, the live game was only available at a certain time of the day. However, as live casinos grew in popularity – along with punters working around the clock – the real-life action became 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The introduction of professional dealers and croupiers

The introduction of high-standard dealers and croupiers goes to show the advancement of live online casino world. When you log-on to play live games you want to feel as if you’re sitting at a table to play your favourite game in a land-based casino, and with the standard of the dealers and croupiers, that is exactly how it feels! You are also able to communicate with the dealers and other players in a chat room – giving you a more authentic feel.

Brought to you from purpose-built studios

Most online casino streams are now brought to you from purpose-built production studios. These rooms are often dedicated specifically to the game you have chosen to play, for example if you are playing Age of the Gods Roulette, then the croupier will be spinning the wheel from an ancient temple up the sky.

Brought to you from land-based casinos

Some land-based casinos stream their live games online directly from their establishments. This means that the games have a more authentic feel, but it also gives the server the opportunity to show off their facilities – which could possibly result in a rise in footfall.

Today’s live casino games

As mentioned above, you can play almost any casino game live online. However, the more popular games, like Roulette and Blackjack, are when the true variety within live casinos can be seen. There’s “Quantum” versions of Roulette and Blackjack that can massively enhance your bankroll, whilst Live Buffalo Blitz is the first live Slots games – offering you a familiar yet unique experience.