The Easy Upgrades to Give Your Home A Makeover

2020 may not have been the year that we expected, and as we turn to our homes for some comfort and stability, you might be looking for ways to refresh your living space this year. But there’s no need to get out the paint and brushes, as the easiest way to transform any space is with furnishings and fabrics. Just with a few simple and quick changes, you could see a new lease of life for your home.


Although you may not think it, curtains and blinds can have a huge effect on the aesthetic of a room. If used correctly, they can also make the space feel bigger and brighter.  Treating your windows to some new and updated replacements can change the amount of natural light the room receives, and also give you the chance to add in some colour or pattern, as a true focal point. If you’re thinking about changing or adding in blinds, why not invest in some quality, wooden venetian blinds, to add natural earthy tones to the room and the various lighting options offered by twisting slats. If you really want to make a statement with your furnishing’s fabric, then a bespoke pair using designer curtain fabric will certainly accelerate your home into the 21st century. Even if you want to keep your curtains neutral, to maintain the tones of the room or allow for colour elsewhere, an elevated tie-back of a contrasting fabric, decorative trim or different material such as metal hooks, will add some interest to the curtains and frame the window perfectly.


As such a diverse decorating tool, wallpaper can instantly transform any space – from a feature wall behind the bed to the inside of a cupboard or wardrobe. The accent wall is a trend that’s certainly not disappearing in 2021, with design experts declaring that bold and bright wallpaper is top of the list for home decorating. In fact, the more interesting the better, as they say that 3D or textured wallpapers are a popular choice at the moment, to add a visually dynamic and tactile element to the room. If you’re looking to change up your décor for 2021, why not consider an upgrade to a large print, unusual coloured or patterned wallpaper as an affordable way to add some drama to your home.


Another home décor trend for 2021 is the rise of the curve. There’s no need to now suddenly invest in expensive, quirky curved sofas or an elaborate round bed – the easiest and quickest way to revamp your room this year is with cushions. A budget-friendly yet effective decoration, you can experiment with the different shapes and sizes of cushions on any seating area or bed. A round, circular cushion will bring your room right up to date, freshening up the space with an air of Parisian design and a touch of softness.

This curved trend in particular works well in light neutral tones, but cushions are also a fun and simple way to inject some colour – whether you’ve thrown them onto the bed for a splash of vibrancy or positioned them meticulously on your sofa or dining room chairs. You may be tempted to match all the same colours in one room, but in fact, interior designers recommend that you take a layered approach, using the cushions and accessories to in fact widen the palette of the room, and add in some contrasting colours. If you need some inspiration for oxymoronic colours, then you may want to look at the Pantone colours of the year, which for 2021 include the coupling of a rock-like grey with a happy yellow. A patterned cushion with both these colours will truly elevate and upgrade any room.