The Chair That Grows With The Child™ – A Chair For Life

Investing in a good high chair is essential for parents entering into the world of weaning and toddler meals.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp was the first of what’s now an ever-increasing clan of convertible wooden high chairs.

This highchair is not only an iconic and clever piece of furniture but one that promises to stand the test of time and grow with a family.

The design has remained virtually unchanged since its launch in 1972. It first came to the market after Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, struggled to find a chair that would allow his two-year-old son to sit at the family table after outgrowing his highchair.

Stokke Tripp Trapp assembly – how easy is it?

The chair is assembled and adjusted using an Allen key. Some nuts need to be left very loose until the end, to allow you to slide the seat and footplates in.

BOUNCE SAYS: It was so easy to put together. I didn’t event have to ready the instructions. Good quality furniture always fits together perfectly during construction and this was no exception. 

What age is the Stokke Tripp Trapp suitable for?


Newborn Set

The natural place for your newborn, the Newborn Set is designed to give your baby the interaction they love from birth. Cozy, comfortable and ergonomic, it lifts your newborn up your height at the table. This enables eye contact and a great opportunity to spend quality time together with whole family.


Baby Set

Time flies and babies grow fast! At around six to nine months, your little one will be able to start sitting upright unaided. The Baby Set and cushion help your child to enjoy a comfortable place at the table for meals and family time. The Baby Set has a high back support and rail with an integrated crotch strap which lets your baby sit securely and comfortably at the table.

A chair for life

What’s special about a chair that grows with you? It stays with you. Made from high quality European beech wood, the iconic Tripp Trapp® chair is strong, stylish and durable. Fully adjustable, it provides a comfortable seat that can be used from the teen years well into adulthood. Did you know that it holds up to 110 kilos?

BOUNCE SAYS: We prefer our house to not like a play group so this beautiful piece of furniture fits right in with our adult style. Whats more it will last until our son is older and it can grow with him. We love the fact he has his own chair, its something that his old high chair couldn’t do and really is an investment. 

How secure is the Stokke Tripp Trapp?

Being made from solid wood, the chair is heavy and sturdy – it’s designed to hold the weight of an adult.

Having the chair flush with the table does mean the child can push themselves away from it, but the extended glider attachment for the feet is designed to stop the chair from tipping backwards when this happens.

What accessories can you get?

The cushions – which come in baby, child and adult versions – are sold separately and come in a variety of colours and patterns starting at £33.

BOUNCE SAYS: We are at the 8 month stage so our son has the baby set with a lovely lucky cushion set. Its easy to clean and the large tray fits right on top. 

Our Verdict

We love this high chair. It has everything you could possibly want or need in terms of a high chair, plus its a good looking piece of furniture. In terms of investment we have known these to stay in families for years, so its definitely a good investment. It comes in a range of colours to suit your style as do the accessories, we give the Tripp Trapp a big Bounce thumbs up!

Additional specs…

Suitable from birth to adulthood

Size capacity: 
Up to 110kg

Height 79cm
Length 49cm
Depth 46cm

Seat recline options:

Seat height options: 

Beech wood

Newborn Set, plus hanging toy
Baby Set