The best Halloween party drinks…

Looking for tasty and fun drink recipes to celebrate this halloween party treat? These halloween drinks are the perfect for that spooky occasion…

Caorunn Gin

Carefully handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands, Caorunn is nurtured in small batches and quadruple-distilled, giving it an individual flavour profile. Beautifully versatile, Caorunn is perfect for any classic or contemporary cocktail.

CASK88 – The Scottish Witchcraft Series

The Cask 88 Scottish Witchcraft Series will begin being released at Hallowe’en each year, with the unveiling of the first bottle just days away. The visuals are inspired by the most lurid iconography taken from a very different time. Whisky and Witches are not so distantly related, as it happens. The art of distilling whisky was often done by women, and the bubbling alchemy of spirit distillation could be seen as near enough to the brewing of magical elixirs that female distillers could be accused of witchcraft.

Around this time of year there is fascination with the dark, the sinister and the sorcerous – but it is also important to remember that such fanciful things were not always taken so lightly.

Old Jamaica’s new ginger ale range

Ensure the grown-ups get into the spirit this Halloween with Old Jamaica’s new ginger ale range. Old Jamaica Ginger Ale and Old Jamaica Rhubarb and Ginger Ale are brand new flavours of fizz from the UK’s number one ginger beer brand. They pair perfectly with gin, vodka, rum and whisky, or try mixing as part of one of your favourite cocktails.

Available in Asda and Tesco stores, RRP £1 for a one litre bottle.

Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2021

A perfect aperitif wine, showcasing youthful, fresh and vibrant characteristics from herby lemongrass and jalapeno to ripe citrus and tropical fruit flavours.

RRP £12.20

Available from: Morrisons, Majestic, Asda, Booths, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado

Villa Maria Private Bin Pinot Noir 2019

A lively wine packed with fruit flavours, this Private Bin Pinot Noir delivers an abundance of red cherries and cranberries, intermingled with freshly roasted coffee notes and warming clove and cinnamon.

RRP £14.25

Available from: Coop, Tesco, Morrisons,

Padre Azul

A young tequila, transparent and clear. Bottled straight after its double distillation. Very delicate and complex, incomparable taste of fresh agave. Perfect for mixing high-quality cocktails.

Tia Maria Matcha cream liqueur

Bringing a coffee shop taste to homes across the UK, Tia Maria Matcha is a uniquely fresh yet indulgent liqueur with the distinctive flavours and natural caffeine of Japanese green Matcha tea extract, providing a floral and refreshing twist on the aromatic Tia Maria taste with a smooth and creamy finish.

Providing a subtle green pour, the new product has an ABV of 17%, providing drinkers with a new mindful ritual and the perfect drink of choice for every occasion from pairing with indulgent food, relaxing at home, to celebrating on a sunny day outside when served over ice or as a rich ingredient in cocktails.   

Tia Maria Matcha is available this week from Tesco stores nationwide with an RRP of £16 per 700ml bottle.

 Master of Malt – Fallen Angel Blood Orange Gin 

They say you eat (and drink) with your eyes, so it’s no surprise that eye-catching bottles are a firm favourite this year. Fallen Angel Blood Orange Gin doesn’t just make incredible citrusy cocktails, but the ceramic head-shaped bottle is sure to make a suitably scary centerpiece for any Halloween celebrations.

Available from Master of Malt – Fallen Angel Blood Orange Gin 

Master of Malt – Kah Blanco Tequila 

Down the more traditional route of skeletons, the bottle of Kah Blanco Tequila is inspired by the traditional decorative skulls used in Dia de los Muertos, while Satryna Tequila boasts a skull on the top of the stopper.

Available from Master of Malt – Kah Blanco Tequila

Master of Malt – Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum.

Emulate the fiery depths of the underworld with a spicy selection of spirits. From Horse With No Name, a habanero-infused bourbon, to the more traditional Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum. Alternatively, take a less literal approach with Darkness 8 Year Old, a mystery single malt Scotch finished in custom-made Oloroso sherry octave casks.

Available from Master of Malt – Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum

OPIHR Black Lemon Edition

The unmistakable taste of OPIHR Spiced Gin elevated through the marriage of citrus and spice, with powerful bursts of Persian black lemons, heightened by the rich citrus flavour of timut peppers.

Étän Rum

Award-Winning West African Inspired Golden Spiced Rum – Distilled with a unique collection of five botanicals (“spices”): Fevergrass, Orange peel, Cassia, Ginger, and Vanilla. Étän Rum is a 40% abv golden spiced rum that contains zero additives and has no added sugar. Keto and vegan friendly.

Cask88 The Scotch Whisky Express Series 4th Release

The fourth release in the Scotch Express Series continues Cask 88’s adventure across Scottish railways to commemorate The Glasgow & South Western Railway. This triple distilled single malt from the Auchentoshan distillery delivers a light and lively spirit, delighting the palate with classic flavour notes that will take you back in time. Showcase the romanticism of this iconic railway on your top shelf. Reserve your bottle today.

Two Bird’s Absinthe

Introducing the spookily green Two Bird’s Absinthe – Not for the fainthearted, the Two Bird’s vibrant green absinthe is handcrafted from a blend of aniseed and wormwood. Historically referred to as la fée verte (the green fairy), absinthe is currently experiencing something of a renaissance – you heard it here first.

This Absinthe can also be topped with champagne to create the ‘Death in the Afternoon’ cocktail

The Two Bird’s Absinthe can be purchased here for £56 for a 70cl bottle

Burleighs Distiller’s Cut Gin

Burleighs Distiller’s Cut Gin is an exceptionally crisp and fresh gin that uses the Burleighs 11 botanicals recipe in a different ratio. The Distiller’s Cut is distilled with a higher proportion of softer, sweeter, more floral ingredients making it perfectly suited to cocktails such as the Martinez or in a gin and tonic garnished with pink grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

Purchase on the Burleighs website: for £37.50 for 70cl.

Burleighs Gin

Burleighs Gin is authentic British gin, distilled in Leicestershire, England.  

Every single bottle of Burleighs Gin is hand-crafted and distilled on a beautiful copper pot still. It is the design of the still, careful sourcing of ingredients and great skill of the distiller that all contribute to the smooth nature of the products.  

With many products including a signature London Dry Gin to a Pink Edition Gin, there’s an option for the traditional gin lover to the new wave of gin enthusiasts - the versatile range appeals to every variety of gin drinker.  

For more information and to order products, visit:  

BOCO by House Coren 

Launched July 2021, Boco by House Coren is an English wine from West Sussex that is actually made using the Charmat method (just like prosecco), one of only a couple made here in the UK. 

Boco by House Coren

•     Appearance: Pale, white peach. Clear with ultra-fine bubbles.

•     Nose: Ripe pear, stone fruit and fresh citrus

•     Taste: Peaches, ripe pears, a hint of raspberry and a long, clean, citrus, and green apple finish.

•     Blend: 42% Reichenstiener, 29% Chardonnay, 29% Pinot Noir

The name for the wine was inspired by Old Sussex regional dialect, ‘boco’ derived from the French ‘beaucoup’ meaning ‘lots of/more.’ Priced at £26.00 per bottle, it would make an excellent gift or the perfect party pairing.

BACARDÍ limited-edition glow-in-the-dark 

Along with the ghoulish limited-edition bottles, the brand has created five scarily delicious cocktails for people to enjoy at home this Halloween – ideal to spook and delight friends at a party.  

The re-vamped BACARDÍ Carta Blanca and BACARDÍ Spiced bottles include a special QR code, which will direct cocktail lovers to the BACARDÍ website sporting five Halloween cocktail how-to videos to inspire and lift your household’s spirits to the spookiest level possible this Halloween.

The bottles are available in all major retailers for £15 as of this week!


BLOOM has a range of three RTD’s with its most recent launch of the BLOOM Gin Passion Fruit Soda, a sophisticated new pre-mixed drink, bringing its signature fruit and floral combination to gin-lovers looking for a fuss-free option for social and treat occasions.

BLOOM Passionfruit Soda is part of a range of three delicious variants developed by BLOOM’s Master Distiller, Joanne Moore, including the popular BLOOM Rose Lemonade, and BLOOM Gin & Tonic. All of the variants are made with natural ingredients and BLOOM Gin and served in a 275ml premium glass bottle.

The standalone BLOOM GIN range features the BLOOM Passionfruit & Vanilla Blossom GinBLOOM London Dry GinBLOOM Rasberry & Rose Gin and the BLOOM Jasmine & Rose Gin
All BLOOM Gin and BLOOM RTDs are stocked in all Sainsburys and Tescos.


Drambuie is a honeyed whisky liqueur which mellows aged Scotch whisky with a secret recipe of soft spices, fragrant herbs and rich and smoky heather honey, harvested from the moorlands of Dumfries and Galloway. 

The Isle of Skye liqueur which has a velvety smooth, malty nectar when sipped neat or over ice, also pairs with coffee, chocolate, desserts, and cheese courses and is best served as a fifth course, either with or after dessert as a digestif. The UK’s oldest whisky liqueur can be traced back to Bonnie Prince Charlie c1746.  

For more information, please visit,

Beefeater Blood Orange

Beefeater Blood Orange is the perfectly named spirit to make these cocktails with – inspired by an orange gin created by Beefeater’s founder in 1867, it has a full-bodied citrusy taste, with classic gin aromas of juniper and angelica and with its vibrant orange colourings it’s ideal to add to your drinks trolley ahead of the 31st October.

If you’re looking to make the most out of the scary season this year, Beefeater is also providing three, free online masterclasses for everyone to join on the 27th, 28th and 29th October so you can show off how fangtastic your cocktails skills are on the day itself. To find out more and to sign up, click here!

The Sagamore Hot Spiced Whisky Cider

Warm up with Sagamore Rye and apple cider. This is autumn in a glass – enjoy by the glow of a crackling bonfire.

Ingredients:– 60ml Sagamore Spirit Rye Whisky- 120ml Apple Cider- 15ml Lime Juice- Simple Syrup to taste- Cinnamon Sticks & Apple Slices for Garnish

Make A Batch:1 Bottle Sagamore Spirit Rye Whisky150cl of Apple Cider200ml Lime JuiceCinnamon Sticks & Apple Slices for GarnishMethod:– Add apple cider, lime juice, simple syrup, and cinnamon stick to a small pot.- Bring to a gentle boil for 10 minutes.- Remove from heat, add whiskey and stir to mix.- Strain into your favourite mugs.- Garnish with apple slices and a dash of cinnamon.

Where to buy: Native Spirits, Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt, Southport Whisky