The benefits of seeing a private dentist

When visiting the dentist in the UK, you are given the option to visit either a private dentist or a dentist within the NHS. Across England, Scotland, and Wales more patients are beginning to visit private dentist due to the great benefits that come along with it. Keep reading on to find out the benefits that come with visiting a private dentist Cardiff, London or Glasgow based.

Quality of service

Private dentists focus on giving their patients the best service possible. They really focus their time and attention onto their patients and can often cater to your needs much more than the NHS. This is due to having specific time allocated per patient, meaning they do not have to rush the appointment in order to see more patients. This allows your dentist time to talk you through your dental health and possible treatments more thoroughly.    

Appointment times

Another benefit of visiting a private dentist is they allow you to have access to a better timetable of appointments, meaning you can visit the dentist as and when it suits you. As previously mentioned, private doctors allocate a specific amount of time to each patient, meaning the appointments are usually longer than those with the NHS. Many private dentists in Cardiff and across the UK offer a range of different appointment times, allowing you to book an appointment for a time that suits you.

Shorter wait times

Due to allocated appointments, it also means that there is less waiting time when visiting a private dentist rather than an NHS dentist. When visiting an NHS dentist, you may have to wait days or even weeks to confirm an appointment. This can be frustrating and time consuming, but visiting a private dentist eliminates these issues. Visiting a private dentist means you can be seen much quicker, with hardly any wait at all.


Cost is probably one of the biggest benefits of visiting a private dentist. Although seeing a private dentist is generally more expensive than seeing one through the NHS, there are many unexpected costs that you can avoid. Often with the NHS, you can be charged for extra and unexpected costs. Whereas with a private dentist, you know exactly how much you are paying and know exactly where your money is going.

Greater variety of treatments

Private dentists offer a wider range of dental treatments then those with the NHS. Private dentists cover all core dental treatments, but also offer a wide range of extra treatments. These treatments often include teeth whitening, white fillings and even Invisalign. Therefore, visiting a private dentist is a great option if you are looking to get more dental work done.

Modern facilities

Private dentist clinics often have more modern and up to date technology and equipment than what is available in the NHS. This means you will receive higher quality treatments and care, all while feeling relaxed and comfortable. When visiting a private dentist, the staff and dentists like to create a calm and enjoyable experience for their patients.

Make sure to consider this as an option this year.