The award-winning* Mela Weighted Blanket… a natural way to get a better night’s sleep

The award-winning* Mela Weighted Blanket is an innovative and natural way to get a better night’s sleep, as well as a way to support the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Mela founders, Matthew King and Samuel Hochland, dreamed up the business after seeing friends and family struggle with poor sleep, stress and anxiety. When looking for a solution, they discovered weighted blankets. However, disappointed by the expensive but low-quality options on the market, they set about creating their own weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets – also known as pressure blankets – are a natural and effective way to get a better night’s sleep. Research has shown that the physical sensation created by using a weighted blanket, which is similar to being swaddled, has positive effects on the hormones governing the nervous system, which affect both mood and stress levels.

Using a Mela weighted blanket is akin to a type of therapy known as ‘deep touch pressure stimulation’, which helps to promote a feeling of relaxation, as well as the release of serotonin and dopamine, which calm the body and help to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. The blanket also helps to regulate the sleep cycle and reduce stress hormones.

Mela’s weighted blankets, which retail from £124.99, come in a variety of sizes (UK Double or King) and weights (5.5kg – 11kg), to suit the needs of the users. Although it’s recommended that customers choose a blanket that is roughly 8 to 12 per cent of their body weight, it’s ultimately about personal preference.

Each 100 per cent cotton blanket is filled with anti-rustle, hypoallergenic and SGS-certified glass pellets, which evenly distribute the weight, and come with an ultra-soft brushed minky polyester reversible cover, although other covers can be purchased separately. The blanket also comes with a 100-night risk-free trial offer, where it can be returned for a full refund if customers don’t sleep or feel better.

Weighted blankets can be used to help manage the symptoms of a range of conditions, including insomnia, fibromyalgia and ADHD. They have also been found to help alleviate the symptoms caused by several mental health conditions.

Samuel Hochland, co-founder of Mela, said: “We believe in making a difference. After seeing first-hand the devastating impact that mental health conditions can have on lives, as well as the effects of poor sleep, we knew we wanted to find a way to help – which is why we came up with the Mela Weighted Blanket.

“Since launching the business, we have been overwhelmed by the amazing feedback from our customers. Hearing that our product made a real difference to the quality of someone’s life reminds us exactly why we started our business.”

Matt King, co-founder of Mela, said: “We’re driven by a desire to help people, which is why we not only came up with our weighted blanket, but always strive to find new ways to give back to the community, whether it’s through raising awareness, commissioning scientific research or creating support networks. We’re also an official partner of mental health charity Young Minds – with a portion of each sale helping to fund mental health research and provide services to those in need.

“We’re incredibly proud of our weighted blankets, which offer a premium product that’s built to last at an affordable price point. We’ve invested a great amount of time developing something that not only feels luxurious – made with premium and breathable 100 per cent cotton – but that’s also practical, as it’s easy to clean, resists lumping and is durable too.”

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*Mela were awarded the ‘Editor’s Choice Award for Best Weighted Blanket 2019’ by the London Evening Standard.