Teeth tweakments to improve your smile

We’ve all seen the dramatic difference a smile makeover can make (we’re looking at you, Tom Cruise!). But did you know there are also more subtle ways to improve your smile using the latest teeth tweakments?

These subtle techniques can be used alone or combined for maximum effect. They’re usually cost-effective, less invasive (compared to veneers) and the results are incredibly natural.

Composite bonding

Bonding can change the size, shape and colour of your teeth. Your dentist will use a tooth-coloured filling material to sculpt your teeth to your exact requirements. It’s a great option that can improve the appearance of individual teeth to achieve a more harmonious, symmetrical smile.

Composite bonding isn’t a permanent solution, so you’ll need to repeat your treatment every few years to maintain your results. It can be an excellent alternative to porcelain veneers because it doesn’t harm your natural teeth, and it’s usually reversible.

Bonding can look incredible, and the procedure is quick and, best of all, pain-free.

Tooth contouring

Tooth contouring is another way to change the shape of your teeth. It involves the careful removal of enamel from the edges of your teeth. It’s the perfect treatment if the contours of your teeth are irregular or out of proportion.

Enamel protects your teeth, so your dentist will only remove tiny amounts. Nonetheless, contouring can achieve beautiful results, especially when combined with bonding or braces.

Teeth contouring is very straightforward. You won’t require any anaesthetic and there’s no downtime. The results are permanent, and it’s one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments with prices starting from less than £100 per tooth.

Invisible braces

While braces can transform highly complex crowding and bite problems, they can also help with more subtle improvements. Aligning just your front teeth can have a huge impact on your smile.

These ‘social six’ makeovers are popular among adults who want to improve the teeth they show when they smile. Treatment times are often much quicker, and there are several incognito braces to choose from.

Invisalign is a discreet way to align your teeth without the commitment of fixed braces. Instead, it uses a series of clear aligners to move your teeth into position. Another option, which is even less conspicuous, is lingual braces. Lingual braces fit behind your teeth, so they’re virtually invisible. Incognito Lite is a gold lingual brace that’s designed to straighten your front eight teeth.

To discuss your options with an expert, find a specialist orthodontist. Most orthodontists will offer a free initial consultation to help you explore your options.

Icon treatment

Icon treatment improves the colour of your teeth by reducing the appearance of white spots, fluorosis and enamel defects.

White spots are usually resistant to whitening, so some people will consider veneers to cover up any discolouration. Veneers can look amazing but usually require some enamel to be removed from your natural teeth. This isn’t reversible, so veneers become a lifelong commitment.

Icon treatment can remove white spots in one appointment without damaging your natural teeth. The procedure uses a tooth-coloured resin, which penetrates your teeth to restore their colour. It’s completely pain-free, and you can repeat the treatment as needed. Sometimes, several treatments are required to achieve the desired result.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest, cheapest and most popular ways to improve your smile. If you’re looking for a noticeable difference, it’s essential to see a dentist. Over-the-counter whitening treatments contain very small amounts of whitening ingredients, so you’ll only see a very subtle difference.

Professional home whitening kits are much more effective, and you should quickly see your teeth getting whiter. You’ll be given a custom-made whitening tray and whitening gel to wear at home – usually overnight.

Most people can achieve fantastic results from whitening. Once you’ve reached your desired shade, you’ll be able to maintain your smile with top-ups from the comfort of home. Your dentist will be able to provide you with more whitening gel when you run low.