Teapigs Peach Lemonade is back!

Following on from its sell-out success last year, peach lemonade is BACK – huzzah!

An absolute belter for summer, peach lemonade is all natural, refreshing & perfect over ice for the ultimate summer tipple – as much as we loverain in June, we have faith that summer is firmly en route!

Each pack contains 15 tea temples, meaning no fuss, no mess, just amazing tea.

RRP £4.50. 15 tea temples per pack.
Available at and selected retailers


Our two cold brew infusions that we launched at the beginning of June, specially designed to brew quickly in cold water.

teapigs cold brew is a dead simple, all-natural way to pep up your water this summer! Two super light and refreshing flavours that’ll make glugging your way through your two litres a day a breeze.

Available in lychee & rose and cucumber & apple; simply pop one in your water bottle before you head out the door and… well, that’s it! No waiting for the kettle to boil, no added sugar, no sickly syrups. You bring the water, we’ll bring the flavour.

So, let’s meet the new additions…

LYCHEE & ROSE  We’ve taken on board your many, many requests for a rose tea, but as tea taster Louise was in a generous mood (and potentially midway through a lychee martini), we give you rose AND lychee. A gorgeously fruity yet floral combo to see you through all those long summer nights, bank holiday picnics and makeshift BBQs in the park.

how does it taste? Light, naturally sweet and a little flowery.



CUCUMBER & APPLE – Cucumber water is the absolute dream when it comes to cooling down in summer; but, for the days when you don’t feel like carrying a cucumber around in your bag, we’ve got you covered with our invigorating cucumber & apple cold brew infusion. It’ll almost make your 8am commute feel like you’re spending the day in a dreamy spa… granted, you might need a lot of imagination for that one.

how does it taste? Light, fruity with a refreshing hint of cucumber.