Surge in Used Car Market Post Pandemic

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The UK has seen a significant upturn in the used car market both during the coronavirus pandemic and during the period when the country eased its way out of lockdown. Although the second-hand car market has always been a strong one in the country, it seems that the economic conditions that the pandemic brought about meant that it became even more likely that people would choose to buy a used car rather than a brand-new one. 

Of course, with such a surge in the used car market, there is an environmental benefit. In short, fewer brand-new cars are being sold which means that less energy and fewer resources are going into the production of new cars. Second-hand cars that are still perfectly roadworthy are enjoying a longer lease of life than would otherwise have been the case and that means the global environment is better protected for future generations.

However, it is not just environmental considerations that have been driving the used car market in the post-pandemic world. As many people have suffered reduced incomes as a result of lockdowns, so the lower price tags associated with second-hand vehicles have been most welcome. And it is not just the purchase price of a used car that has made the difference but lower sales tax, as well. These days, there are so many types of used cars to select from, it is hardly surprising that the British public has decided to embrace the used car market like never before.

Another driver behind the used car surge that has been around for the last few months is the healthcare crisis itself. Many people have simply wanted to avoid buses, taxis and trains. Therefore, some people who did not usually drive around have decided that it is time to buy a second-hand car instead of relying on public transport. Single car families have often become the owners of two, or even more, cars.

Even better from the perspective of motorists is that so many of the country’s used car dealerships offer such good service. The majority of second-hand dealerships provide a hassle-free means of purchasing a perfectly good car that has been pre-inspected by qualified mechanics. Often, second-hand cars will come with warranties that are just as good as brand-new ones, especially where there is a complete car service history. For many, this means they are discovering that the used car market is very professional and they need not worry about being scammed, as might have been the case a few decades ago. If you live in or near Brighton or Folkestone then one credible dealership that we would recommend is KAP Motors. You can book used Nissan cars online at amazing prices from KAP Motors. They offer pre-inspected cars with warranties so that you get value for your money. Additionally, they also offer easy instalment plans for the customer’s ease so if you are inclining towards purchasing a used car, go check them out!