Stop cold sores in their tracks…

Do you suffer from cold sores?

In the UK, about seven in ten people have caught one of the viruses that cause them including a cold sore on the lip.

Many people get cold sores repeatedly throughout their lifetime, as the virus lies dormant in the body between outbreaks and rely on cold sore remedies to reduce symptoms.

This skin condition not only causes a physical sore on the corner of the mouth, but it can led to anxiety and can be highly embarrassing for that person.

Well, let us tell you about HERPOtherm®

This new chemical free medical device can help prevent the development of cold sore blisters if applied in time. If you miss that window and the blister has already formed it also lessens the symptoms.

As cold sores tend to hang around for around 10 days to cold sore sufferers this electronic cold sore treatment could be a game changer.

Because it is chemical free it also means that it can be used on children, allergy sufferers or pregnant women and it is a long-lasting approach rather than using creams or noticeable patches.

How does HERPOtherm® work and how do I treat a cold sore? 

This natural cold sore treatment concentrates on heating the affected area by killing the virus beneath the skin at the early stage of a cold sore before it emerges into a blister.

The heat is around 51oc, which influence the secretion of histamine and support the degradation of enzymes. This then reduces the inflammation, relieving symptoms of itching, burning and tightness.

Using the HEROPtherm® cold sore zapper…

Simply take the pen and apply it to the spot that requires cold sore prevention. As you press the button you may feel a slight tingle as its using heat to banish the cells, this is applied for three seconds. It then switches off automatically.

It’s as simple as that to and the best way to get rid of a cold sore.

To back up findings this cold sore cure was clinically tested and an observation group showed a significant improvement in all symptoms after day one.

Where do I find this cold sore prevention machine? 

Investing in this natural dermatology tested cold sore zapper is far more cost effective than any cream or ointment. It’s easy to store in your bag and treatment is discreet and can be used hundreds of times.

The best part is that this product is available on Amazon Prime, so if you feel an emergency coming on – delivery is quick!

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You can purchase the HERPOtherm® from:

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