Standing Desks: Can They Improve Employee Wellness and Productivity?

Does it seem as though your employees just aren’t meeting their maximum level of productivity? Have you given them all the training, experience, and software they need to get the job done properly but you still aren’t seeing the levels of success and efficiency you had hoped for? Sometimes it’s important to take a more ‘whole body’ approach and ask yourself what you are doing for your employees’ wellness.

Did you know that providing employees with a comfortable work station that improves their wellness can actually increase their productivity? You may have noticed the trend of installing standing desks in office spaces and wondered what the benefits are. Here we’ll take a look at how these inventive standing desks can improve an employee’s wellness and productivity.

What’s a Standing Desk?

For those unfamiliar with these standing desks, the idea behind them is that you have a typical office desk but rather than sitting on a chair to work at it, you stand at it. The desk surface is raised so that a person can comfortably work without having to hunch or bend over.

There are a variety of them on the market, but the higher-end ones make it possible for you to adjust the height so that it works for each person rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. These height top adjustable desks from are a great example. The desks can be used in an office setting or a home office as they are extremely versatile. Choose from manual or electrical operation, making height adjustment quick and easy.

Eliminate Traditional Pain and Fatigue

One of the biggest benefits of these standing style desks is that they can lessen and even eliminate chronic back pain that is caused by hunching over at a desk. It has also been found that they can help boost a person’s energy level and fight fatigue. This means you have employees who feel better physically and are able to focus much easier. All of that translates to a jump in productivity.

Help Fight a Multitude of Health Issues

There is also research that suggests that standing desks can even help to lower a person’s risk of developing heart disease. At the same time, it can help to reduce blood sugar spikes that people often have throughout the day. While the sugar spike is good at that time, then there is the crash that happens afterwards, leading to an unproductive employee. This is especially true after lunch or at break time.

The standing desk can help to keep sugar levels more balanced, and therefore the employee is able to maintain a consistent level of productivity all day long.

A Simple Change that Can Create a Wave of Benefits

While it may seem like a very small change to make in the office, i.e. switching employees to standing desks, the fact is that it can go far in benefiting their wellness. When your employees feel more energised, focused, balanced, and not suffering from aches and pains, you can be sure they are going to be much more productive overall.