Revolutionary eco-friendly underlay made out of plastic bottles…

A Bradford based carpet factory has launched a range of eco-friendly underlay made out of plastic bottles.

In a bid to give plastic bottles and other single-use plastics a new lease of life, an environmentally-friendly luxury carpet underlay has launched, which could see the average homeowner doing their bit for the environment with 900 recycled bottles sitting pretty under their carpets.

This comes after six years of research and development. The average household using the eco-engineered carpet will save an equivalent of 1,000 bottles from our environment.

The new product is known as SpringBond…

Each roll of ‘SpringBond’ uses up to 180 recycled bottles.

SpringBond is made from recycled PET plastic bottles and other single use plastics. It contains no harmful VOCs and results in better air quality throughout the home. It’s inherently flame-resistant, requiring no FR treatment.

Assuming the average home uses approximately five rolls of underlay for its carpeted areas, there could be up to 1000 recycled bottles under foot in homes across the country, combining health benefits with the environment.

James Taylor, Managing Director at Texfelt, which manufactures SpringBond, said: “With the world currently producing more than 300 million tonnes of plastic each year, and half of that being used just once, sometimes for a few seconds, before it’s thrown away, people are looking for green alternatives to everyday items.”

“The world needs to reduce its consumption of plastic and, while this is happening, we need to find ways of upcycling the waste product that’s building up. SpringBond gives us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the green agenda and let people know that they can do their bit in more ways than they think!”

As well as being green, clean and durable, with a depth of 11mm it offers superb under-foot comfort. The thickness of the underlay means it’s not just comfortable but insulating both in terms of heat and noise acoustics.  It has industry-leading sound-proofing properties, minimising the transfer of noise between floors – ideal for those who live in an apartment and for households who value peace and quiet.


Other benefits of SpringBond include –

  • Its use of virtual spring technology – the eco-engineered Z-shaped structure creates natural bounce back
  • It’s fantastic for sound proofing and has industry leading acoustic properties up to 57db
  • It has excellent thermal insulation up to 2.3 tog, keeping homes and buildings warm
  • It is incredibly breathable meaning mould and mildew don’t have a chance to develop

SpringBond is designed and manufactured in Yorkshire and offers maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. It is a partner of non-profit organisation Plastic Oceans, which addresses plastic pollution. For stockists please visit

*Each role of SpringBond uses 180 recycled bottles. The average home would use approx. five rolls of underlay for carpeted areas

Looking out for SpringBond coming up in our home make over feature this summer!