Some Top Tips On Playing Slots At Online Casinos

Playing slots at online casinos is a fun way to pass time, so long as you bet responsibly and make smart decisions with your cash.

It can be tricky knowing exactly how to approach wagering your money on slots games – many look the same – so I’m giving you three pointers to help you out.

From looking for the best casino bonuses to using bankroll management, these are three tips that will help you have more fun playing slots at online casinos.

Look for the sites with the best casino bonuses

Casino bonuses offer you the chance to earn some cash or credits that can be used on your favourite games – looking for the sites that have the best ones gives you an opportunity to win money without wagering your own funds.

The simple reason to keep an eye out for the best casino bonuses is that it means you can play more games. This means more fun and, potentially, greater rewards. I recommend that you get more info about what bonuses you’re looking for first.

For example, is it better to look for free spins or a no deposit bonus? It depends on the wagering requirement, which tells you how much of your own cash you need to wager before you can withdraw the winnings from the bonus.

Pick the slots games that have a high RTP

One thing to remember with slots is that they’re games. That means they have an object and that object is to win money. How do you know how likely you are to win money at a slots game? By checking its RTP

RTP stands for return to player. It’s the amount of money paid back to players over time by a specific game or casino. It works like this – if a game has an RTP of 99% then this means £99 of every £100 wagered is returned to players over time. However, the exact amount you get could be more or less than that, as slots games are based on chance.

Online casinos are legally obliged to publish the RTP of their slots games. However, my advice is that you read through reviews of the top slot games first, looking out for the ones with high RTPs – it’ll take you a very long time check the RTP of all the slots games at a site.

Apply bankroll management to your sessions

Playing slot games is about having fun. This means placing bet sizes you’re happy with and playing for as long as you’re comfortable. The way you make sure these things happen is by using bankroll management.

Bankroll management is a poker term but it’s also super relevant when playing slots. The reason for this is that its basic principle is to keep your gambling money separate from the cash you use for your day-to-day expenses.

You can separate your money however you want to – maybe you use a spreadsheet to record your slots funds, so you can see how it rises and falls. Perhaps the best way to do it is to have a completely separate account – that way you don’t mix the two funds and you accidentally get your figures wrong when you’re betting.

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Looking for casino bonuses, picking games with high RTPs, and using bankroll management will all help you to have more fun when you’re playing slots at your favourite online casinos.  

This is because they’ll potentially give you more money to bet with, improve your betting odds, and help you to manage your cash better.

So, put these three tips into practice now and start having more fun when you’re playing the slots.