Show stopping decorations

Create a show stopping Christmas with these festive decorations.

Kagu Christmas Swan

A sweetheart amongst the Danes, the swan has been our official national bird since the mid-’80s. The large, white bird became part of the national history as the main character of the beloved and world-famous fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling, by Hans Christian Andersen.

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Kagu Christmas – Kringle

Known for its knotted shape, filled with remonce and sprinkled with coarse sugar, this pastry has a dear place in every cake connoisseur’s heart. For centuries the knotted shape has been used as a symbol for bakeries around the world, whereas the guild in Denmark is the only one to display a royal crown as part of their trade symbols.

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Kagu Christmas – Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid – As we all know, mermaids can be mesmerising. To the Danish brewer of beer, Carl Jacobsen, to such an extent that he commissioned a bronze sculpture after he fell in love with the creature in a ballet version of the immortal story by Hans Christian Andersen. Once finished, the statue was gifted to the city of Copenhagen in 1913, and she has been sitting on her stone by the pier ever since.

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Kagu Christmas – Bike

With the vision of a car-free society, the cargo bike was invented by one innovative soul in the Freetown Christiania as a gift for his girlfriend. Still produced by the couple, today the iconic bike is driven by all sorts of Copenhageners, transporting everything from kids to big dreams around on the many bike paths of the city.

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Kagu Christmas – The Round Tower

The closest we come to a stairway to heaven in Copenhagen. The spiral ramp has become a Copenhagen icon, and when you reach the top, the old observatory serves you with a breathtaking view of the city.

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Bethlehem Baubles Silver – Christmas Tree

Hand blown by Muslims in Hebron using recyled glass, hand painted by Christians in Bethlehem.

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Gisela Graham Glory collection Resin & diamante hanging Swan Christmas tree decoration, beautifully decorated with lots of detail and lovely quality.

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A stunning Bumble Bee from the Gisela Graham Glory collection Resin & diamante hanging Christmas tree decoration, beautifully decorated with lots of intricate detail and lovely quality.

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