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A lazy afternoon on the river… not!

Action Man & Mrs Action Man had a weekend in the city and one great way to see the London sights is from the water… A weekend away with yours truly always entails the Action Man twist so our wee … →

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A Suffolk Splash…

This month will see the arrival of the UK’s biggest splash park at Alton Water just outside of Suffolk. It’s 72 massive floating inflatable obstacles spread over 8000 square metres will include climbing walls, trampolines, balance bars, rockers, rollers, blast … →

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CrossFit Games…

In last September’s edition of Bounce I wrote about my first foray into the global fitness phenomenon that is CrossFit, I even touched on the search for the fittest athlete on earth in CrossFit’s annual championship, Now I was and … →

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FloatFit is a full body workout on a body length, unstable, floating platform. It adds a new, effective dimension to an everyday workout using the AquaBase, the world’s first floating exercise mat. The 30 minute, water based class offers a … →

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

So it’s February and you’re probably kicking yourself having already let the New Year resolution slip? Well fret not because Action Man is here to give you another dose of inspiration, this month it’s in the form of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. … →

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Welcome 2018…

Have you set a New Years resolution? I’m certainly aiming to continue my fitness and recovery drive to try and carve out an Action Man 2.0! Easier said than done with a full family and hectic work schedule but as … →

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Up in smoke…

So we’ve reached the end of an other action packed year and now it’s time to celebrate. So kick back, relax, enjoy Christmas and welcome 2018! One way to see in the new year in style is with a quality … →

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Eriswell Lodge

Last month saw Action Man turn 35, which is often a career ending milestone for professional athletes, but through these articles I’ve always tried to demonstrate that it’s more about what’s in your head and heart rather than your muscles, … →

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Action Man tried Fight Klub…

Following my two week all inclusive vacation in the States, if this body was found on a beach it would be surrounded by a team from Green Peace trying to roll me back into the sea! So it’s time to … →

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Action Man does Disneyworld…

Purely for the benefit of our Bounce readers, (note for editor: receipts in the post)… Action Man went international and crossed the pond for an adventure filled vacation in the magical home of Mickey Mouse… Always considered the destination of … →

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